What are the similarities and differences between Capsa Susun and Capsa Banting bets?

The capsa gambling game was once better known among the Chinese ethnicity in Indonesia, but with the online capsa game, almost all Indonesians will definitely know it. This capsa game has similarities to Indonesian online poker games which are often played like Texas Holdem. The resemblance is in the arrangement or combination of cards when played.

The differences with poker betting games are:

In the capsa gambling game there is no bluffing between fellow qq poker online players, while in poker players must bluff each other.
The capsa game can only be played with a maximum of 4 players. While poker can be played by more than 4 people.
Capsa games are also often referred to as Chinese poker games. Because the origin of this game is from China.
There are two types of capsa betting games known in Indonesia, namely capsa stacking and capsa banting. Although what can be played online Poker139 at this time is capsa stacking, but it doesn’t hurt that on this occasion we discuss what are the similarities and differences? Who knows in the future there will be an online capsa banting game.
Alright, before we talk about the differences, let’s take a look at what these two games have in common.

Equation of stacking capsa betting with banting capsa

  • The name of the game is both capsa, which means in Hokkien Chinese the number thirteen / 13.
  • This type of bet comes from China. It is thought to have come from Fujian province. This province uses a regional language known as Hokkien.
  • Both of these gambling games use cards as a game medium. Without cards, this game cannot be played.
  • Either the stack capsa or the appeal capsa have the same card combination as poker.
  • Capsa Susun and Capsa Banting are played by 4 players, neither can more than 4 players. If played by less than 4 people, the card pool for the 4th player will be closed.
  • Capsa stacking or capsa banting players, each player gets thirteen / 13 cards. So if someone gets more or less cards, it means that the card is wrong and must be shuffled again.
  • If anyone has an arrangement or combination of cards from Ace to King without any being the same or in other words sequentially, then that player will immediately come out as the winner.
  • The capsa game does not use joker cards at all. So you can just throw away the joker card.
  • The arrangement of card interest from the highest to the lowest in the stacking capsa and banting capsa is the same. Spades, hearts, curls and the smallest are diamonds. ♠ ♥ ♣ ♦
  • No city required in the game.
  • Time is not a measure of victory.
  • Players do not need to bluff each other or guess the cards of their opponents.
  • Equally is a gambling game.
The difference between betting capsa stacking and capsa banting
Suspended box
The name is also capsa stacking, so this game is played in a structured way. The stacking capsa betting is very different from the banting capsa betting. The most notable differences are in:

1. Arrangement of cards

In the capsa stacking game, four players must be able to arrange their cards to make the best combination. The arrangement of the card has three parts, namely the foundation, middle and top. The arrangement of the cards must show that the foundation has a greater / better combination value than the middle position. Likewise, the middle card combination must have a greater value than the top but less than the foundation card combination.

2. Battle cards

Each player who plays at the time of opening the card, will pit each other’s card combinations according to the arrangement. The top will compete with the top, the middle will compete with the middle, the foundation will compete with the foundation.

3. Card opening time

The opening time of the cards in the stacking capsa is the same. So if there is one player who has not finished arranging his cards, then other players who are ready with their card arrangement may not open their cards first.

4. Decisive victory

The determination that comes out as the winner is based on the points collected by pitting each existing card arrangement. The player with the highest score is the winner in the round.
Players circled in blue get total points in the capsa stacking round. The point value is obtained by adding up the three opponents.
So after comparing one by one the arrangement of cards between the blue player and player A, then we get +1, while the result of the comparison between the blue player and player B is -1. And the result of the comparison between blue players and C players is +1. Then the total blue player gets a point of 1.

5. Shorter playing time

The playing time of each round will be much shorter because as soon as it is time to pit the card values ​​against each other, then immediately who is the winner.

6. Wrong arrangement, immediately lose

In capsa stacking, if you arrange or reverse the arrangement of the cards, you will immediately lose. Because it is impossible for the foundation arrangement to be worse in combination than the middle card combination. Likewise, the middle card combination must also be stronger than the top card combination.

7. Card value

The smallest card value in the capsa banting bet is two 2♦ diamonds. While the largest card value in capsa banting is AS♠

Capsa slam

As the name implies, the way to play it is by slamming, of course, very different from capsa stacking. Slammed here does not mean that the cards are slammed, but that each arrangement of cards is played one by one. This means that if you want to fight a combination card, it is with a combination card that is higher in value, if the opponent issues a unit card, then we have to fight it with a unit card as well.

1. The winner is determined by the card runs out first

The winner in a round is determined by seeing whose card runs out first. The more cards left means the more points you get, which means you lose.
If there are players who have run out of cards, it will start to count who has the worst value. All those who still have cards left must pay to the player whose cards are used up according to the remaining cards he has.
If there is a player who doesn’t come out at all or there are still thirteen cards, then that player must pay 13 x 3 = 39.
If there is a player whose number of cards is greater than or equal to 10 then the number of cards is multiplied by 2.
If there are remaining cards with a number of 1 to 9 then the count is the number of cards.
Capsa Susun does not require a card arrangement to be contested with other players.

2. Battle cards

In contrast to stacking capsa, where all direct cards are opened simultaneously, in stacking capsa, card battles occur in every round. All players can fight other players’ cards if they have a unit card or combination card of higher value. If you don’t have a higher unit or combination card, then the player can pass. If it has passed, the player may no longer lower his card again until no one else is against the highest card in the round.

3. The beginning of the game of capsa banting

The start of the game after each player receives a card with a total of 13, then the player who has a value of three diamonds / 3♦ is the first to walk. The initial opening may only issue one three-diamond card or a combination of cards that has a value of three diamonds in it.

4. Longer playing time

The playing time of one round in Poker139 capsa banting is much longer than in capsa stacking. Because each player can be required to strategize by throwing cards as quickly and as much as possible. So it is not possible to immediately throw all the cards in the amount of 13 in one open unless the cards are all not the same value, aka capsa.

5. Card arrangement

In capsa slam, it doesn’t matter if you arrange cards carelessly as long as when you fight against the opponent’s card, the unit card or combination card is greater in value.

6. Card value

The card value in capsa banting is quite unique because it is not two 2♦ diamonds but three 3 diamonds. While the largest card is two of spades 2♠. The number two is included in the card with the highest value after the ace.
That’s the difference between capsa stacking and capsa banting. If you are interested in playing Poker139 capsa, currently you can only play capsa stacking on the table hot site. Table Panas itself is a site that provides online gambling games such as poker, capsa, domino qiu qiu, ceme, omaha, and super 10. Mejapanas has a license from IDNPlay, a company that has an international license to operate online betting.