The Unknown Benefits Of Jaw Grass For Fighting Chickens

The Unknown Benefits Of Jaw Grass For Fighting Chickens

The topic that I will discuss in my article this time is still about fighting cocks. Because as we know that fighting cocks are a type of online gambling that is very much in demand by online gamblers. Not only in online gambling, in the real world there are also many enthusiasts of this cockfighting gambling. Because in addition to gambling, they can also take part in one of their hobbies, namely raising fighting cocks. Of course there are also many people who have a very hobby of raising fighting cocks and taking part in these activities. So that they can also do gambling, and it is certainly very fun for them.

Even though caring for chickens is not easy, especially regarding cleaning the cage which certainly smells due to the large amount of droppings from the chickens. However, this is not an obstacle for those who are very fond of raising fighting cocks. Because every hobby has risks that must be faced and must be full of responsibility. When you have decided to buy a fighting cock and raise it, there must be consequences. That is, whether you want it or not, you have to take care of the fighting cocks as best you can because it is your responsibility. There is someone who once said that hobbies are expensive, which is actually not true, prestige is what makes them expensive.

You don’t need to be expensive to fulfill your hobby, just adjust it to your abilities. The most important thing is that when you enter it, then you have to be ready. Even though when you care for chickens you have to withstand the smell of the smelly droppings, there is definitely an added value too. That is, you are satisfied with your hobby, you are happy to see the chickens you care for are healthy, clean and fit. In my article this time, I will explain to you about seeing the health of your fighting cocks. Surely you are surprised when you read my article this time about healthy food for chickens.

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What Is Jigsaw Grass?

First of all I will ask you, do you know about jigsaw grass? This herb grass is one of the wild plants that can grow in fertile soil. So far, what we know is that this grass is only used by people to pickle their ears because it feels tingling comfortably. But it turns out that this jigsaw grass has its benefits for your fighting cocks. If you have ever raised your fighting cocks, whose yard is full of this grass. Surely you have seen your fighting cocks pick up the jigsaw grass to eat. Because what you know is that the food for fighting cocks is not grass, unlike cows and goats.

Contains 27 Compounds

Don’t get me wrong about that, it turns out that the chickens will also eat the jigsaw grass. Although agen sbobet indonesia not all fighting cocks eat nut grass. The content contained in the jigsaw grass turns out to be very much, which we never realized before. It turns out that nut grass contains 27 compounds that are very good for the health of chickens. Some of the compounds contained in nut grass include ketins, hydrocarbons, monoterpenes, alcohol, sesquiterpenes, apoxides and other compounds. Of the several compounds that I mentioned earlier, of course there are benefits for the health of fighting cocks. Therefore, this jigsaw grass is very suitable to be given to your fighting cocks.

Can Clean Food Clogged In Chicken Throat

But besides maintaining the health of your fighting cocks, it turns out that this jigsaw grass can also help clear the throat of your fighting cocks. usually when a fighting cock is fed, sometimes the throat will get stuck in the throat. So as to prop at his throat, surely the chicken will feel very uncomfortable. To clean it, you just give this jigsaw grass. where previously you took the root of the nut grass which was then cleaned and pounded until smooth. You can give directly when it is grown or you can cook it first with water and then give the juice.

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