TERMS IN TEXAS HOLDEM POKER – Every game has its own terms, as well as the Texas Poker game. Of course, if you want to play, you must know the terms so that you can play well and understand the path of the game.
I will give you terms that are often spoken in Texas Poker games, here are the terms you will hear:

– Decks

Means the cards used in this Poker game. There are 52 cards in total. These cards are divided into 4 groups of suits and each group has 13 levels of value. The 4 groups (suits) are, CLUBBER (kriting), DIAMOND (Wajik/plot), HEART (heart/love), and SPADE (skop/waru Hitam).
Texas holdem poker does not distinguish the strength of the cards based on their suit. It is said, the four cards have the same value, which is 9.


That is the value of the cards in each suit. Starting judi slot bonus terbesar the smallest value to the largest. The smaller the card value, the weaker it will be. In order, the card values ​​are as follows: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A. The last four are worth 11, 12,13, and 14 respectively. Ace which is worth 14 has a privilege because under certain conditions it can be considered worth 1.


Namely bets or bets that are forced because the link alternatif solaire99 player is in a certain position, if he sits after the Dealer (D). Bet for this blind must be done when the cards have not been dealt. There are two kinds of blinds, namely the ‘small blind’ and the ‘big blind’. The size of the blind depends on the stakes of the table. For example, if you play Solaire99 at a table with stakes of $50/100, the small blind will be $50, and the big blind will be $100.


Is the name for the type of poker table based on the size of the small blind and big blind. A table with $1/$2 Stakes means that the small blind is $1 and the big blind is $2.


Is a game tool as a substitute for money. These chips are worth the money. In real poker, like in a casino, the chips do have a value equal to the intrinsic value they are given. And can be cashed back to the publisher if the Solaire99 player no longer needs to play.


It is the chips that the player brings to the table. Each table has a minimum and maximum chip rule that can be carried.


Is a collection of chips from bets of players starting in one hand. This pot is always placed in the middle of the table so that it does not mix with the stacks of the players.


Sometimes also called ‘Boards Cards’, which is 5 cards that are opened on the table. These five cards are the common property of all players. These five cards are not opened simultaneously, but in 3 stages. The first stage will be opened 3 cards. Called FLOP. The second stage will be opened a fourth card, called TURN, and finally will be opened a fifth card, called RIVER.


Namely 2 cards that are dealt to each Solaire99 player. These cards will be matched (combined) with 5 Community Cards, then the best 5 cards will be selected as your Hand. Called ‘hand’ perhaps because this means that the last 5 cards (the best combination result) are what become your ‘handle’ to compete with your opponent.


This is an action that can be done in the game of poker.
Call is your bet as big as the player’s bet to the right of your hand (your sitting position facing the table).
Raise is your bet for the call plus a certain amount. It can be 2x, 3x or several times the amount of your opponent’s bet.
Fold is if you turn off your cards and exit the game in a hand. Fold is usually done if there is a bet that is too big for your opponent and you feel your card is not strong enough to be pitted.
Check is if you don’t call also don’t fold. Check doesn’t get you out of the game. This can be done if there is no open-call from your opponent. All in is if you raise all your chips on the table. If your opponent’s chip is bigger than yours, then all of your chips will go into the pot, but if your chip is bigger then your all-in will only be as big as your opponent’s chip.
So, those are the basic terms in the Texas Holdem game that I can share, hopefully it will be useful.
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