In the Sbobet Bola game, there are many markets that you can play Depobos, starting from:
  • 1X2
  • Under / Over
  • Correct Score
  • Mix Parlay
Let’s understand more guys


  • Handicap Bet 0 = No Voor in that type of match 
  • Handicap Bet 0.05 / 0.25 = Can be interpreted as Voor 1/4 
  • Handicap bet 0.5 = Can be interpreted as Voor 1/2 
  • Handicap Bet 5.1 / 0.75 = Can be interpreted as Voor 3/4 
  • Handicap Bet 1 = Can be interpreted as Voor 1 
  • Handicap Bet 1.15 / 1.25 = Can be interpreted as Voor 1.1/4 
  • And others, as explained above, it is very easy to understand in the Handicap reading type.
Example :

Handicap For 0 

For this type of market it is very easy because if the team you choose wins then you will win, if the team you choose loses then you will lose in that type of match. So if the match is a draw (draw), then your partner is not counted as winning and losing is considered a draw. 

Ham dicap For 1/4 ( 0.05 )

Juventus vs Ac Milan + 0.05 ( Ac Milan at voor 1/4 ) 
You hold Juventus and Juventus win 1-0 (win full) 
You hold Juventus and the final result in a Draw match (lose half)
If you install AC Milan, the result of the match is Draw (win half)
If you install Juventus and the final result of the match Juventus loses (you lose in full)

Handicap For 1/2 ( 0.5 )

Liverpool vs Arsenal + 0.5 ( Arsenal at Voor 1/2 )
You hold Liverpool and Liverpool win 1-0 (win full)
You hold Liverpool and the final result of the game is Draw ( lost Full )
If you install Arsenal, the result of the match is Draw (Win Full)
If you install Liverpool and the final result of the match Liverpool loses (you lose in full)

Handicap For 3/4 ( 5.1 ) 

Real Betis + 5.1 vs Real Madrid ( Real Betis Tue Before 3/4 )
You hold Real Madrid with the result of the match winning 1 – 0 (win half) If you want to win Full at least the result of the match is at least 2 – 0 
You hold Real Betis and the result of the match is 1 – 0 won by Real Madrid ( you will lose half ) If Real Madrid in the match win more than 1 – 0 then ( you will lose in full )
You install Real Madrid and the final result is Draw 0 – 0 then you will (completely lose) If you install Real Betis with the result of the match winning / draw, then you will (full win) 
You install Real Madrid and the final result of the match Real Madrid loses (you lose in full) If you install Real Beis with the result of the match winning / drawing, then you will (win in full)

2) 1×2 :

Choose a team or draw a match
1: Home Win
x : Draw (draw)
2: Away wins
Example :
If you place a bet on (2) in the First Half 1X2 with a capital of 100 and Odds 3.80, then the bet is WIN by the following calculation:
= (Modal X Odds) – Modal
= (100 X 3.80) – 100
= Win 280
Meanwhile with a result of HT 0-1, if you place a bet on (X) or (1) in the First Half 1X2 then your bet LOSES

3) OU/Over Under:

A game to estimate the total goals of both teams above or below a predetermined goal
Example :
Number: 2.5-3 = 2¾ (read: two three-quarters) = 2.75. The number of goals 2.75 is almost close to 3. If you want to choose Over 2.75, look at the letter “o” with the number 1.07. Install 100. Then 100 x 1.07 = 107. Win 207 go to credit (100 capital + 107 wins)

4) Correct Score (Guess the Score)

The purpose of betting Correct Score (Guess the Score) is to guess the final result of a match
Example :
Choose 1: 0 means the score must be 1: 0
Choose 2 : 5 means the score must be 2 : 5 ( Host 2 and Guest 5 )
Can’t go back and forth Score
SOS means Any Other Score where if the match score is not listed in that column then AOS is calculated.
Example: 5-3, 8-2, 8-0, 6-1
In addition to match results 1:0|2:0|2:1|3:0|3:1|3:2|4:0|4:1|4:2,|4:3|0:0|1: 1|2:2|3:3|4:4| then it is considered to be in the AOS (Any Other Scores) category.
In the mix parlay game, the minimum choice is 3 types of bets, here you can choose the ball market in the form of handicaps, over/under, Correct Score, 1X2, as well as total goals in both the first half (Half time) and Full Time (Until the match ends 2X45 minutes ).
Example :
If on the display Agen Judi Bola Terpercaya above your bet nominal is 100 (Rp 100,000, – / one hundred thousand rupiah), the total value of your bet selection is 8,031, if all three of your teams win completely, then here the multiplication of the prizes you will get is = 100x ( 8031) = 803.1 as shown in the image above. Remember that the bet you win is 803.1 including your bet capital, so the total win you get is 703.1.
So, that was a full win if there was 1 bet/team that drew/draws, or lost or half, or also lost 1 bet/team how is the count? No need to be confused. We are still continuing this.

1. How to calculate a draw mixparlay or how to calculate a draw mixparlay.

As before we always ask you to pay attention to the gambit above that’s why we include pictures for you to see and pay attention to, 
An example of a case like the picture The member chooses 4 teams but it turns out that there is 1 team that is DRAW (DRAWN), the way to calculate is easy if all four teams win FULL, then the multiplication prize is 15,934. If 1 draw, the match or bet that draws is considered forfeited or lost, so the odds that are multiplied are only those who win, namely:
The product is (Colombia vs Greece odds = 2.01)x (uruguay vs costa rica = 1.89)x Over England vs Italy = 1.96) = 2.01 x 1.89 x 1.96 = 7.455 . The number of bets or the nominal betting of the member is 50. The result of the multiplication is ( 7,455 – 1 ) x 50 = 322.29. The member wins.

2. How to Calculate Mix Parlay win half (1/2 WON)?

As in the case picture above, the Member bets as many as 3 teams, here you can see 1 team that was selected only won half (WON 1/2). The multiplication and calculations have been made and are standard SBOBET mixparlay bets. Remember here what needs to be seen and paid attention to is the bet that loses half the bet with the multiplication formula from SBOBET first before multiplying it with other bets. 
See the information below:
Here the party odds won are 2.20. Multiply it by the formula { (party odds or bets that are 1/2 won – 1 ): 1/2} + 1 . So for the IFK Varnamo match the odds of won 1/2 are { (2,20 – 1) : 1/2 } +1 = 1.60 
well, from the multiplication results that we have gotten from the losing match, then that result is then multiplied by another bet.
Ghana -0.25 handicap, odds = 2.04 (Full win)
Jongkopings sodra -0.5 handicap, odds = 2.05 (Full Win)
IFK Varnamo , -0.75 handicap, odds = 1.60 (Win 1/2) this 1.60 is the result that has been multiplied by the previous sbobet Mixparlay formula. 
From the conclusion and the results, the odds that must be multiplied by the SBOBET multiplication formula are = 2.04 x 2.05 x 1.60 = 6.691. The nominal that the member bets is 15 (Rp 15,000, – / fifteen thousand rupiah), – Then the total that can be obtained from his win is (6,691 – 1 ) x 15 = 85.37 (Rp 85,370, – / eighty five thousand rupiah).
3. How to Calculate MixParlay 1 Team that lost half (Lose 1/2) correct?
An example of the case that you usually see above and you usually use as a reference for all members to bet as much as 5 teams for a Mix Parlay, here there is still 1 team that will lose 1/2 but the bet results still say WON or Win. So here it is biased in the conclusion that SBOBET has fair play Depobos where if you lose half the bet results are still calculated from the amount of your bet. The way to calculate it is: multiplying the prize odds of the winning team only, then divided by 2.
Brazil 1 × 2, @ 1.31 (Full Win)
Mexico Level 0 Handicap, @ 1,54 (Menang Full)
Nederlands +1 handicap, @ 1.59 (Win Full)
Chile 1×2 , @ 1.41 (Win Full)
Varese -0.25 @1.65 (Lost Half)
The SBOBET Official Mixparlay Multiplication Formula is as follows:
{ ({[odds 1 x odds 2 x odds 3 x odds 4 x odds 5 ]} x with the number of bets): 2)} who loses half do not get multiplied.
Nb: This is Official from SBOBET
Then the Odds Mix parlay is { (1.31 x 1.54 x 1.59 x 1.41 x 1.65 ): 2 } = 2,261. Then again, the bet value is 13 (Rp. 13.000,-/Thirteen thousand rupiah) like this (2,261 – 1) x 13 = 16.40 So the winnings are worth 16.40 (Rp 16,400)-
4. How to Calculate Mix Parlay 2 Teams that lost half (Lose 1/2) correct?
For Mixparlay calculations or calculations where the betting position of 2 or more teams that experience a half loss: 
It’s very easy to calculate, just divide it like this:
Sample case : 
Brazil 1 × 2, @ 1.31 (Full Win)
Mexico Level 0 Handicap, @ 1,54 (Menang Full)
Nederlands +1 handicap, @ 1.59 (Win Full)
Chile 1×2 , @ 1.41 (Losing Half)
Varese -0.25 @1.65 (Lost Half)
The first time it’s just all the odds that win like this: (1.31 x 1.54 x 1.59) after getting the result is 3.2 then multiplied again by the bet amount, which is 13 (Rp.13.000, – / thirteen thousand rupiah) , and divided by 2 after being divided by 2 then divided by 2 again because there were 2 teams that lost half. Then the result is reduced by the number of bets if the nominal is minus then the amount of your bet is reduced by your capital.
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