Over Under Betting Formula for Online Soccer Gambling

The Over Under Betting Formula for Online Soccer Gambling – Talking about over under soccer gambling, for those of you who play at offline or land soccer dealers, the method that we will share will not allow you to practice this. Because at land ball dealers, you can’t bet over under on street balls.
If you want to bet over under football, you have to play soccer betting online Depobos. Of course, to be able to bet online, you must first become a member of the Trusted Bola88 Agent.

The Over Under Formula Definitely Wins

The formulas that we will share are divided into 2 groups, namely:

1. The Formula for Winning Over Under Soccer Gambling with Low Risk with Small Wins.

Of course, there is a price to pay if we play depobos safe, namely the small nominal victory that we will receive. What is the formula for being able to play it safe? The trick is to play Under first.
As the match progresses and the OU odds have decreased by within 15 minutes, then we turn the tide on Over. Here we will give an example below:
For example, in the match between Liverpool vs Hotspur with OU odds of 1 ball in the first half. Here you put the Under 1 ball before the match or it could be while the match is in progress (this doesn’t matter).
Only after the OU odds have decreased to 0.75 or of the ball, you turn over to place the same bet amount when you placed the under.
In this way, when there is no goal at all in the first half. Your bet that Under will win, that Over will lose (draw).
Likewise, the result will be the same if there are 2 goals or more. Your Under bet will lose, Over bet will win (draw).
But if there is only 1 goal (this is what we expect) your Under bet will be a draw, your Over bet will win half.
In a case like this, we will profit half of our bet bandar bola resmi. This is why we call it the Over Under Low Risk Soccer Gambling Formula with relatively small wins.
In this first formula, I only recommend that you play Depobos in the first round of matches. Because in the first half, most matches regardless of the league there will be fewer goals.
Because that’s what we need so that there are no goals before we turn over. The disadvantage of this method is that you have to keep an eye on the game, because you have to turn from what was originally Under to Over.
Now we move on to the next method, namely the Over Under High Risk Soccer Gambling Formula with a big win. What I mean here is that we are stupid with our potentially bigger bets to lose.
But if our bet wins, the result will be many times larger than our bet nominal. Like how? The trick is to play in the second half in the minutes before the end of the match.

2. The Formula for Winning High Risk Over Under Ball Gambling with a Big Win.

Here I suggest you bet on 80 minutes and above by selecting Over of course. In this way, we will not turn the Under tide, it is enough with the Over tide only. As you know, at 80 minutes and above, the odds on any OU match are definitely only 0.5 balls (half ball).
This means we only need one goal and our bet will win. However, it is very risky to experience defeat, considering that the remaining time is only about 10 minutes + additional time (injury time).
However, the results we get are very much in line with the high risks we take. Because in these last minutes, the odds of OU on Over are definitely black and have a multiplication of more than 2x.
That’s all I can tell you in this article. Please choose from the two formulas above which you think is the best. However, everything is returned to you as a bettor. List of Bola88
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