JACKPOT TYPE CEME DOMINO QQ – Domino is a game that uses small cards that have a circle as a playing RFBET99 medium.
Domino’s also has a jackpot, who would have thought a simple game like this has many terms. Even though in terms of dominoes, this is very simple and doesn’t even have numbers. Now we will tell you the terms that are in the domino game that are most often heard.
We will dissect the types of ceme domino qq jackpots in the game, here is the list that we have prepared.

Six Gods Card

The Six Gods card is one of the special cards in the domino qq gambling game. Usually this card is also the highest card value in domino qq. Card combinations like this occur when there are six circles on the 4 cards in the player’s hand, such as 4/2, 3/3, 1/5, and 6/0. The point is that each card from the daftar judi online player must have a value of 6 on each card.

Big Pure Card

The Big Pure Card is, one of the special cards like kumpulan situs judi bola terpercaya six god cards. However, the calculation method is different, of course. For large pure cards, the total value of the cards in your hand RFBET99 must be 39 points (minimum).

Small Pure Card

For a small Pure Card, it means that the card that is in your hand must be of a maximum value of 9, no more.

Balak / Twin Cards

Twin Cards are usually more familiarly called Twin Cards, which RFBET99 means that in the card you have there must be a twin value between the top and bottom sides. Example 1/1, 2/2 Etc.
Well, it’s not easy for this domino game, once you hold this special card, victory is absolutely in sight. But to get it is not easy unlike other poker or casino games because for dominoes there are only a few available in 1 game.
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