It’s easy to play AduQ Online for the most complete beginners

Playing aduq is now easy because it is done online which can be done by anyone with a smartphone connected to the internet.
One card game that is unique and so easy to play by many players is aduq. In fact, many players like the game, because the process of playing is fast and easy.
Maybe you used to play aduq by gathering, but now this method has been abandoned by many players because it is considered inefficient.
Because currently playing online aduq is much easier and more practical, because solaire99 players only need an application platform or by playing on sites that provide these games.
You can easily find a duq site online with the help of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Usually, aduq games are often found at agents who offer online poker games.

How to Play The Most Complete Online AduQ For Beginners

To be able to play aduq it takes a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 8 Solaire99 players in 1 room or game table.
Aduq is unique because it plays using cards with a type of daftar judi slot online. This game is almost similar to domino qq, but actually it is not.
Because domino qq plays using 4 cards, while playing online aduq only uses 2 cards.
When you are in the room, then you can choose a table from the smallest, small, medium, big, and VIP. Each table has a different minimum bet allowed, so players decide for themselves which room they want to play in.
The better the room you choose, the higher the minimum bet that must be issued by the player, therefore adjust the capital you have with the room you want to use to play.
When you are seated in the room, there will be a dealer who will automatically distribute cards to the players in the room.
After receiving the cards obtained, then you and other players are given time to peek at the value of the cards on each card obtained.
Not long after, the system will automatically calculate how much value each player gets, because the cards will be opened simultaneously.
All you need to remember in the online ceme game, when you have put a nominal, then suddenly you leave the room, then the funds that have been spent will not be returned.

How to Count the Number of AduQ Cards When Playing

How to count the number of cards in aduq is very easy, although later the system will automatically help you calculate the number of cards you get.
But it’s good you know how to calculate it. Inside the domino card there is a circle on each side, so it is the circle that must be counted.
The highest number in the game of aduq is 9 / Q, and the Solaire99 player who gets that number is usually the winner in the match.
For example, if your card is 13, then the number behind it will be 3. So your card is 3, because the first number is discarded.
Because aduq only accepts 2 cards, so you just need to add up the circles on the cards in your hand.
So what if there are 2 players who have the same value or amount?
  • Player 1: has 5-5 and 5-4 . cards
  • Player 2: has cards 6-3 and 0-0
In this case, both players get the same score. But in the online aduq game there is no draw or draw.
So to determine the winner based on the log/twin cards obtained by the player.
Because the first player has a 5-5 log, then that player Solaire99      wins in that round.
That’s some information that novice players can use to better understand how to play aduq online.
If you are interested in trying the game, you can directly contact Customer Service to register for AduQ.
Use the Live Chat service that is provided 24 hours a day, so whenever you experience problems in the game, you can directly contact Customer Service.