ION CASINO UNDERSTANDING – What is Ion casino? I’m sure you’ve heard the name ion, right? Ion casino is one of the popular live casino brands in online gambling sites.
Now we will discuss the meaning of Ion casino so that you don’t get it wrong. Ion Casino is the most popular gambling site that provides the most complete online live casino games with a specific and attractive appearance and you can access easily either via PC, Computer or Smartphone. This site has been established since 2010 until now and has become the best online gambling site, because Ion Casino has the safest servers that make your playing process smoother. ION Club which stands for Interactive Online Network Club contains games that we usually see in casinos such as Live Casino Baccarat, Live Casino Roulette, Live Casino SicBo,
Ion Casino also has a Live feature which is its mainstay so that bettors feel comfortable playing RFbet99 on this service like playing at a real gambling table. You can play sbobet deposit pulsa all the games globally with the fairest system, you can see the distribution of cards directly by the dealer and the game system that gives an interesting impression like that is what makes the Ion Casino site more and more interested and growing.
As a betting service that fulfills the desires of online casino gambling lovers, of course, this trusted agent prioritizes the safety of its members. The deposit and withdrawal transaction process takes place quickly and easily through various methods, either via Bank Transfer or through the popular Electronic Money Application. The privacy of each judi bola resmi is prioritized along with support from experienced staff service for 24 hours non-stop where this service is always ready to serve in a professional and friendly manner so that it makes us more at the forefront. The full game presentation is served live and anyone will not mind trying with a minimum deposit nominal value of IDR 10,000.

Types of Games at Ion Casino


Roulette is a game that uses a spinning wheel, equipped with colored boxes and numbers on the wheel. Before starting the game you have a free determination to keep your bets on an outside betting table. The types of bets in the roulette game are top-down, even-odd, black-and-white, column-tens and many other interesting types of bets.


Baccarat is a game that involves two people, namely the dealer known as the banker and the player known as the PLAYER. This game is played by up to 14 people at the table who can place bets on either the banker or the player to win.

Sic Bo

Sicbo is a game that uses 3 shaken dice and the player has to predict the outcome of the rolled dice. The types of bets in this game are also quite varied so you can open up many opportunities to win.

Shoot Fish

Shoot Fish is a unique type of gambling where the RFbet99 player’s mission is to shoot fish that pass to earn points. The points are your balance, as well as the bullets fired are the balance issued.

Slot Online

Online slots are video games in the form of a round of images or symbols in the hope of getting a similar image as a Jackpot prize. This game is quite simple and relies on RFbet99 player luck, but Online Slots is still one of the most favorite gambling games considering the huge Jackpot prize.

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a type of gambling game that uses playing cards. This game has quite a lot of enthusiasts because this game is very easy to understand, namely the player chooses one of the parties between the dragon or tiger which has a higher value.
Those are some of the popular types of games on the Ion Casino site and there are still many other interesting types of gambling games that you can find. With a large selection of games available, you can test your luck on each type of game to find the most appropriate game in terms of providing a very large profit. Immediately get the opportunity to win many prizes for your favorite gambling game with RFbet99 trusted betting service. Casino games themselves have become entertainment that really helps many people to enjoy great wealth, plus bonus multiples are quite impressive, so this complete Agent service is the best choice for bettors who want to achieve abundant earning potential from quality gaming entertainment.
Get a great opportunity to make big money from your favorite games and immediately find additional prizes that can be enjoyed freely. Casino gambling games have become a special pastime that has helped many people to make huge incomes. If you have the ability to make the right analysis then try RFbet99 playing online gambling games. Plus the multiples of prizes that you can get are also not small, RFbet99 most comprehensive service is indeed the best choice for bettors who want to get big earning potential from quality games. You will really feel the golden opportunity to be successful from the Ion Casino game, have fun playing and win your bet.
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