How to Play Dragon Tiger on the Trusted and Biggest Online Gambling Site

Dragon tiger casino gambling game is the easiest type of card gambling game to play. In “Dragon TIGER Gambling” the player’s task is only to bet on the side with the highest card, where the dealer will distribute 1 card each. Where the parties are dragon and tiger. For more details, just read How to Play Dragon Tiger on the Trusted and Biggest Online Gambling Site.

Knowing Dragon Tiger Online Casino Gambling

Bursa Live Casino Online – Basically this type of card casino gambling is easy to play agen judi terbaik. Where the way to play is almost the same as baccarat, which has 2 parties namely Dragon and Tiger with 3 betting options namely Dragon, Tiger, and Tie. This game is getting easier because it only uses 1 card for each side.

Understanding How to Play Dragon Tiger Online Gambling

Dragon Tiger Online Betting – How to play dragon tiger online as stated above is very easy. So, in the sub-title of this article, the admin will describe the flow of the game as below.
At the beginning of the game the player must place a bet first between 3 choices, namely Dragon, Tiger, Tie.
Then the dealer will distribute 1 card each to the dragon side and the tiger side.
To determine the winner is to look at the highest card between Tiger and Dragon, then the player Fortunebet99 wins if he bets on the party with the highest value. However, if Dragon and Tiger have the same value, then the game is declared Tie or commonly known as a draw.

Terms of Playing Dragon Tiger Online

There are several game rules as a deal to Play Dragon Tiger. What are those? Let’s see below.
  • K (King) is the card with the highest value
  • A (US/Ace) is the card with the lowest value
Winning in Dragon or Tiger is 1:1. For example, the bettor bets (dragon or tiger) 100 thousand, then the win is 100 thousand (no fees are deducted by the dealer)
Winning in Tie is 1:10. For example, a bettor bets on Tie 100 thousand, then the winnings are 1 million (the amount bet on the dragon or tiger will be deducted by 50% as. The remaining funds are returned to all Fortunebet99 players). For example, install 100 thousand for a dragon or tiger and it turns out that the result is a tie, then the 100 thousand bet will be deducted by 50%, then what is returned to the player is 50 thousand.

In dragon tiger online there is no partner with a higher win than Tie

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