Get to know the various types of card games from the IDN Poker site

Get to know various types of card games from the IDN Poker site that Indonesian poker players can enjoy with easy access and the easiest poker account list.
Now it is no longer strange that playing online poker can generate profits directly, because now making money is no longer just from working.
Because the times that are happening make it easy for everyone in terms of generating income and one of them is playing Solaire99 on the idn poker site.

Various Types of Card Games From the IDN Poker Site

The many types of games offered from this site make many link alternatif solaire99 players loyal to this site. here are some games that are on the Best IDN site:

Poker Online

Poker is a card game that combines strategy and skill, this game uses playing cards of 52 cards. There are several terms in poker, namely:
  • Call: to follow in the game.
  • Raise: raise the bet
  • Fold: does not follow the game in the round.
  • All In: risk all the chips brought into the game.

Susun Box Online

This type of card game can be played from 2 to 4 people, each player gets 13 playing cards. This game also has rules in the situs judi bola resmi dan terpercaya of cards such as:
  • Bottom Row: Consists of 5 cards, with the highest card combination.
  • Middle Row: Consists of 5 cards, with a card combination not higher than the bottom combination.
  • Top Row: Consisting of 3 cards cannot be higher than the combination of cards in the middle row.

Ceme Keliling Online

The way to play the Ceme Mobile game is almost the same as the Domino QQ game, the difference is that if you play Domino QQ you use 4 dominoes while in the Ceme Circular game you only use 2 dominoes. You can also play as a player or banker.
Playing as a player or banker has its advantages and disadvantages – each. The advantage of playing as a banker is that if the player has the same number of numbers as the banker, it is considered a loss.
However, if a player gets a card value of 9 and the dealer’s card value loses, then the dealer must pay 2x the bet of the player who gets a card totaling 9.

Domino Online

The domino QQ game uses 4 types of dominoes for each player who plays. For its own value, it is calculated every two cards, for example:
3/6, 4/6 and 2/3, 2/2 = 19 and 9, in this game only the back number is used if it has 2 numbers, so 9 and 9.

Ceme Online

The ceme game only uses 2 domino type cards. Before the game starts, there must be a Solaire99 player sitting in the Banker’s seat, if you want to sit in the Banker’s seat, you must have a balance of 14X of the maximum bet on the table.

Super 10 Online

This type of card game is unique, where you have to get the number of cards 10, 20 or 30 to win the match. If you have K, Q and J cards, it will be called Three Picture.

Omaha Online


This type of card game is almost the same as poker, but the difference here is that each player is given 4 cards and only 2 are used with the highest value among the 4 cards they have.

IDNPLAY App With Many Card Games

Playing card games is now easier and more practical because you can play Solaire99 using only a smartphone. You can download the IDNPLAY Application through the official website or you can contact Live Chat to get the download link by clicking here.
With one application you can already play many online card games, making it easier for those of you who like many card games.

Big Jackpot From IDNPLAY Poker Site

To make the game more exciting and more fun, this site provides a big prize called the Progressive Jackpot which has a total prize of hundreds of millions of rupiah. To get this big jackpot is quite easy, because you only need to buy this jackpot from the smallest price of IDR 500 to IDR 2,000 before the cards are distributed or the game starts.


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Register Poker On Trusted IDN Sites


You can directly login and play on the IDN Poker site, make sure you already have an ID to login. But if you don’t have an ID to play, you can contact Live Chat to make a quick Poker Account Register process.
The ID creation process only takes 2 minutes if the data you provide is correct and valid. After having an ID, you can make a deposit of 20 thousand so you can join other online poker Solaire99 players.