The Origin History of the Roulette Game

The History of the Origin of the Roulette Game – Roulette itself is a casino game that comes from the French word which means Small Wheel. In the game of roulette, players will place bets for 1 number or many numbers or other types of bets. In this game the wheel will be rotated and the ball is thrown in to find out the winning numbers and numbers. When the ball has settled in 1 number, then the number and color that remains will be the decisive victory.

History of the Roulette Game

The game of roulette is believed to have been first discovered in France in the 18th century. Even historians agree that the inventor of this game was Blaise Pascal, and it is also believed that he also made the rules of this very luxurious game. The discovery of the game of roulette is arguably also by accident, because this game was discovered when Blaise Pascal conducted research in 1720.
The game of Roulette was first Depobos played since 1796 in Paris by the aristocrats of the time. This game was also briefly included in the novel La Roulette, ou le jour by someone named Jacques slot deposit pulsa. The novel tells of a roulette wheel located at the Palais Royal Paris in 1796.

Number Value 0

The number zero found in the game of roulette is also included in the history of the development of the game of roulette. The first people to add zero numbers in the game of roulette were Francoise and Louis Blanc who were the younger brothers of Blaise Pascal. Initially the roulette game only had 36 numbers from 1 – 36.
The purpose of adding zeros is to reduce the losing percentage of the bank. This change received a positive response, because players actually thought this idea made roulette even more luxurious and interesting to play also Daftar Sbobet Bola.
Initially, the game of roulette was only Depobos played by nobles, because this game requires a very large capital. Because of this, the game of roulette is considered the most luxurious and classy game of its era.
Even this is still ongoing today, this can be proven by the many casinos that provide roulette tables with luxurious designs.

Features In Roulette Game

Currently there are 2 types of roulette offered by casinos, namely Traditional Roulette and American Roulette. The difference between the two roulettes is the zero on the roulette wheel. Traditional Roulette only uses 1 zero while American Roulette uses 2 zeros on the roulette wheel.
Currently there are 2 types of roulette offered by casinos, namely Traditional Roulette and American Roulette. The difference between the two roulettes is the zero on the roulette wheel. Traditional Roulette only uses 1 zero while American Roulette uses 2 zeros on the roulette wheel.
– Wheel With 1 zero:
0- 32- 15- 19- 4- 21- 2- 25- 17- 34- 6- 27- 13- 63- 11- 30- 8- 23- 10- 5- 24- 16- 33- 1- 20- 14- 31- 9- 22- 18- 29- 7- 28- 12- 35- 3- 26.
– Wheel with 2 digits 0 :
0- 28- 9- 26- 30- 11- 7- 20- 32- 17- 5- 22- 34- 15- 3- 24- 36- 13- 1- 00- 27- 10- 25- 29- 12- 8- 19- 31- 18- 6- 21- 33- 16- 4- 23- 35- 14- 2.

Types of Betting Roulette Games

Straight or Single – is a type of bet that only covers 1 number. You will get a win when the ball stops at the number you have installed. For straight / single winning bet types will be paid 1: 36
Split – This is a bet type that includes 2 numbers. You will get a win when the ball stops at the number that is included in the bet you made. As for the split bet type, the winnings will be paid 1: 18.
Street – Is a type of bet that includes 3 numbers, you will win the bet if the ball you place stops in your bet number. As for the street bet type, the winnings will be paid 1 : 12
Corner or Square – This is a type of bet whose sum includes 4 numbers. You will get a win when the ball stops at the number you put. Meanwhile, for corner or square type wins will be paid 1 : 9
Six Line or Double Street – This is a type of bet that covers 6 numbers at once. You will get a win when your bet ball stops at the number you placed. As for the win of the six line or double street type, the payout is 1: 6
Dozen – Is a type of bet that includes 12 numbers which are divided into 3. The first part is 1 – 12, the second part is 13 – 24 and the last part is 25 – 36. You will get a win when your bet ball stops on the number you placed. Meanwhile, Dozen type wins will be paid 1: 3, but you will be considered lost when the ball stops at zero.
12 Line Bet – This is a bet type that includes 12 numbers in 1 line. The 12 Line Beat bet type also has 3 options such as the Dozen type and has the same amount of winnings as well. As for the type 12 Line Bet win, the payout will be 1: 3
Big or Small – In the game of roulette there is also a big small bet. For Small numbers, namely from numbers 1 to 18, while Big numbers are from numbers 19 – 36. You will get a win when the ball stops in the numbers included in your betting partner number. As for the Big or Small type wins of 1: 2, but you will be considered lost when the ball stops at zero.
Red Black – This is a bet by choosing red or black. Victory is determined by the way the ball stops in the color you paired, then you are considered to have won. However, if the ball stops at zero, you are considered to have lost the bet. As for your red black type wins, you will be paid 1:2.
Odd or Even – This betting method is to place a ball that stops at an odd or even number. When you put on an odd number and the ball stops at an odd number, you win. But when the ball stops at 0 then you will be considered lost. For odd or even bet types you will be paid 1: 2
That is the explanation of the history and origins of the game of roulette. Hope to add to your knowledge of the origins of the game of Roulette.


LATEST ROULETTE PLAYING TRICKS – Roulette is one of the casino games that has a winning rate that includes easy – easy to hard. Because with so many types of bets that we can do. Start with betting on numbers, colors, and lines.
But now you will learn the tricks of playing Roulette, Roulette is a game of negative expectations. There is no betting strategy kumpulan situs judi bola terpercaya the like that can guarantee your victory. Because if you play roulette, your opponent is the machine that controls it. Unlike the card game against fellow players.

Roulette Betting Pattern

Although there is no strategy to beat the game of Roulette, many players always use a set betting pattern when they play Roulette. Instead of dropping chips all over the layout they prefer to make bets that cover multiple numbers along with outright bets on single numbers in hopes of crushing small wins while allowing them to play agen starbet99 longer. Here are two popular Roulette betting strategies for playing the inside numbers. If you are not familiar with deep betting, check out this Roulette step by step.

Double Street Quad Strategy

With this strategy, you will make bets on two double streets along with quad or corner bets and one straight up. Using this betting pattern you cover 17 numbers on the layout and there will be no more than five adjacent slots on the wheel that are not covered.
You will bet six chips per spin. Then will put two chips on each double street and one chip on corner bets and straight numbers. You can choose your favorite numbers to play live. I like to play Starbet99 the number five so here are the numbers I used.
Two chips in double way to cover: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 Two chips in double way to cover: 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33One chip in corner to cover: 17, 18, 20, 21One chip on number 5. (you can choose your favorite number but it must be one that is not covered by any of your other bets.)

The Fees

Double street pays 5 to 1. You have two chips on it, so you will collect ten chips if the ball lands on any of the numbers covered by your double street bet. You will benefit from six chips. (You will lose four chips. Two from your other double street and one from your quad bet and one from your straight up bet.)
Corner/Quad bets pay out 8 to 1. If the ball lands on any of these four numbers, you will profit from three chips. (You will lose four chips on a double street bet and one chip on a straight number.)
Straight up numbers pay 35 to 1. If the ball lands on your number, you will get a 30 chip advantage.
(You will lose four chips on the double street bet and one chip on the corner bet.)

Five Strategy Quad

With this strategy, you will make five quad/corner bets along with one straight number. With this betting pattern, you cover 21 numbers on the layout. If you choose a straight number that is included in one of your corner bets, you will only cover 20 numbers. You will place one chip on each of the following corner bets:5, 6, 8, 910, 11, 13, 1417, 18, 20, 2125, 26, 28, 2932, 33, 35, 36Bet one chip on your favorite straight number.
The quad bet pays 8 to 1 so if the ball lands on any of the numbers on either of you, the quad bet you will collect will make a profit of three chips. you collect eight but lose four on your other quad bet and one on your straight bet. The straight up number pays 35 to 1.
If the ball lands on your number, you will get a profit of 30 chips. (You will lose five chips on the five corner bet.)

Last Tips

Both of these strategies are designed to extend your time at the table. You will not get rich because you only make small profits on each winning spin. If you want to try a bigger win, you can add one chip to the winning bet in hopes of repeating the numbers. You can also vary the specific numbers that you use for double street or corner bets. Experiment with your own betting patterns. You won’t be rich but you will have fun. One final tip is to always try to play at a full table. This will slow down the game and reduce the time your money is at risk while increasing your time. That’s the trick to playing Starbet99 roulette. Thank you.


ION CASINO UNDERSTANDING – What is Ion casino? I’m sure you’ve heard the name ion, right? Ion casino is one of the popular live casino brands in online gambling sites.
Now we will discuss the meaning of Ion casino so that you don’t get it wrong. Ion Casino is the most popular gambling site that provides the most complete online live casino games with a specific and attractive appearance and you can access easily either via PC, Computer or Smartphone. This site has been established since 2010 until now and has become the best online gambling site, because Ion Casino has the safest servers that make your playing process smoother. ION Club which stands for Interactive Online Network Club contains games that we usually see in casinos such as Live Casino Baccarat, Live Casino Roulette, Live Casino SicBo,
Ion Casino also has a Live feature which is its mainstay so that bettors feel comfortable playing RFbet99 on this service like playing at a real gambling table. You can play sbobet deposit pulsa all the games globally with the fairest system, you can see the distribution of cards directly by the dealer and the game system that gives an interesting impression like that is what makes the Ion Casino site more and more interested and growing.
As a betting service that fulfills the desires of online casino gambling lovers, of course, this trusted agent prioritizes the safety of its members. The deposit and withdrawal transaction process takes place quickly and easily through various methods, either via Bank Transfer or through the popular Electronic Money Application. The privacy of each judi bola resmi is prioritized along with support from experienced staff service for 24 hours non-stop where this service is always ready to serve in a professional and friendly manner so that it makes us more at the forefront. The full game presentation is served live and anyone will not mind trying with a minimum deposit nominal value of IDR 10,000.

Types of Games at Ion Casino


Roulette is a game that uses a spinning wheel, equipped with colored boxes and numbers on the wheel. Before starting the game you have a free determination to keep your bets on an outside betting table. The types of bets in the roulette game are top-down, even-odd, black-and-white, column-tens and many other interesting types of bets.


Baccarat is a game that involves two people, namely the dealer known as the banker and the player known as the PLAYER. This game is played by up to 14 people at the table who can place bets on either the banker or the player to win.

Sic Bo

Sicbo is a game that uses 3 shaken dice and the player has to predict the outcome of the rolled dice. The types of bets in this game are also quite varied so you can open up many opportunities to win.

Shoot Fish

Shoot Fish is a unique type of gambling where the RFbet99 player’s mission is to shoot fish that pass to earn points. The points are your balance, as well as the bullets fired are the balance issued.

Slot Online

Online slots are video games in the form of a round of images or symbols in the hope of getting a similar image as a Jackpot prize. This game is quite simple and relies on RFbet99 player luck, but Online Slots is still one of the most favorite gambling games considering the huge Jackpot prize.

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a type of gambling game that uses playing cards. This game has quite a lot of enthusiasts because this game is very easy to understand, namely the player chooses one of the parties between the dragon or tiger which has a higher value.
Those are some of the popular types of games on the Ion Casino site and there are still many other interesting types of gambling games that you can find. With a large selection of games available, you can test your luck on each type of game to find the most appropriate game in terms of providing a very large profit. Immediately get the opportunity to win many prizes for your favorite gambling game with RFbet99 trusted betting service. Casino games themselves have become entertainment that really helps many people to enjoy great wealth, plus bonus multiples are quite impressive, so this complete Agent service is the best choice for bettors who want to achieve abundant earning potential from quality gaming entertainment.
Get a great opportunity to make big money from your favorite games and immediately find additional prizes that can be enjoyed freely. Casino gambling games have become a special pastime that has helped many people to make huge incomes. If you have the ability to make the right analysis then try RFbet99 playing online gambling games. Plus the multiples of prizes that you can get are also not small, RFbet99 most comprehensive service is indeed the best choice for bettors who want to get big earning potential from quality games. You will really feel the golden opportunity to be successful from the Ion Casino game, have fun playing and win your bet.


HOW TO PLAY SICBO – Online betting has become commonplace for internet residents, from slots to casinos. You can find everything easily in the palm of your hand.
Including casinos, you can find them online today, without having to bother going abroad, which of course costs more. Online Casino also has various types of games in it, which we have discussed before, click here.
Online casino has another name, namely Live Casino, which means it is broadcast live, not through recording or video settings. One of the favorite Live Casino games is Sicbo, which uses dice media as a game tool.
But did you know that there are a number of tips to win this game, without you even realizing you have managed to solve the tips. For Sicbo bets themselves, there are several types of bets, including number dau bets, small bets, etc. How to play daftar judi online Sicbo is very easy if you understand the types of bets and payouts.
Now we will discuss the types of bets that exist on Sicbo first.

Small Number Bet

If the total number of values ​​on the 3 dice is 4 to 10 then it is a small number. Then players who bet on small bets will win and get a payment of 1X of the bet value.

Big Numbers

The value of the dice is 11 to 17, so it is a big number. Then the Nexiabet player who bets on the big bet will win and get a payment of 1X of the bet value.


The total of the open dice is an odd number, casino deposit pulsa the Nexiabet player who bets on the odd bet wins. Regardless of the value of the results, including large or small.


Just like the odd type of bet, the only difference is the value on the even-open dice.


Bet on a certain number that you think will appear on all three dice.


A bet that states that 1 double number will appear on 2 of the 3 open dice, such as 4-4-5, 1-1-2 etc.


Combination bets are usually a specific number that appears on 2 of the 3 dice that will open. For example, you bet on a combination of 6 & 2 if the open dice raises the number 5-4-2, it means you lose your bet, if the open dau is 2-6-1 then you will win.


Single bet means that you bet on the number that will appear on the open dice. For example, if you bet on the dice number 5, if one of the two shows the number 5 it will be paid 1:1, 2 dice show the number 5 then the payment will be 2:1 and so on.
The Sicbo game does not only look at 1 factor to determine the winner. Example
You place an even bet, then the total value of the 3 dice if it shows even then you will win no matter how big or small.
You bet on a double bet, if two of the 3 dice show the same number then you will also win no matter whether it is odd or not.
Therefore, playing Nexiabet Sicbo has a high chance of winning because the determination of the winner is not just one factor.


TIPS TO WIN PLAYING BLACKJACK – Blackjack is one of the most popular gambling games for gambling lovers. It is only enough to have a card with a value greater than and not more than 21.
But it turns out that it is not so easy to win a Blackjack game like this even though it has quite simple rules. Until now, Blackjack, the technique of playing Blackjack is still the same.
By collecting fewer cards and getting a value of no more than 21, you will win this game. But we have tips for you Blackjack lovers so that you can win this game easily without having to sweat daftar judi bola.

Check out our tips below:

Be calm

Whatever situation you are facing, you must remain calm even in a state of urgency. Likewise, playing link alterantif rfbet99 Blackjack, even if you get a bad starting card, don’t immediately ask for a card.

Believe in yourself

The Blackjack game really requires high confidence, to win this game you must have a really solid strategy and tactics. Try to make body language that seems to say that you already have a Blackjack card, but unfortunately to do this requires a high level of confidence.

Understand Every Value Of The Card

The only thing you have to understand in the game of Blackjack is the Cards. To understand each value of the Blackjack card I have written in a previous article, click here. Understanding the value of the card is that you have to remember every number of values ​​on your card, never forget, when it’s your turn you can determine the next strategy for your move.

Make Threats to Opponents

Bluffing is one of the moves that you can use as a rfbet99 player to win a Blackjack game. The essence of this move is to provoke the opponent to make a mistake. In this way, you can find out at least the cards that your opponent has or even the moves or strategies he will launch next. This method is quite effective for destroying the opponent’s stance, but before using this trick make sure you have a card with a value close to or right at 21. With this method the opponent will also think you have a Special card in your hand.
With the tips on how to win playing rfbet99 Blackjack that I have provided, I hope they can help you win in Blackjack. Never hesitate to try, most people fail not because they lose trying but never try at all.


Glossary of terms in Baccarat – Do you remember when I explained that the banker in Baccarat is not the dealer.
Now I will explain the meaning of the terms in Baccarat. For how to play Baccarat, you can read the previous article. Being a pro player not only requires winning and the rules of the game, but also needs to know the terms that apply. Of course, crows don’t want to if they lose because we don’t understand the terms from them. Check out the following explanation:


A general gambling term that describes the amount of money a nova88 deposit pulsa player bets during a gambling session. It can also be used to describe a bet on a game.


The worst card set in Baccarat. The meaning of this word is 0 in Italian which explains the hand cards are cards 10, K, J, Q,


A word that means Bank or Banker in Spanish. In the game of Baccarat, this word describes the RFBET99 player who has the shoe or who is the judi slot bonus terbesar.

Banco Prime

A term to show an advantage if a RFBET99 player is closest to the dealer’s position, usually to the dealer’s right to equalize the bet amount than the Bank, if more than one player calls Banco.

Banker Bet

One of the bets that you can choose in the Baccarat game. This word is one of the choices you can make and does not symbolize the house or the player who deals cards from the shoe. The payout is 1:1, but there is a 5% commission that will be taken from the winning amount. Some experts state that the Banker bet (Banker bet) is the best bet in terms of the chance rate at 45.843% when comparing the Player bet (Player bet) at 44.615%. Bankers can also be aimed at members of casino employees who monitor the course of the game, run the shoe, deal cards, and ensure the smooth flow of the game.


A version of the game Baccarat played with two combined tables. The Banker sits in the middle and plays one Banker bet against two Player bets at each table. Popular in European casinos, but not popular in American casinos. The direct translation of Baccarat en Banque is “Zero in Bank” (Zero in Bank).


The amount of money used for betting and used for gambling.


A member of a casino employee who has the task of opening cards, counting points, and dealing additional cards according to the third card rule in the game of Baccarat.

Hit Me

If you interpret it from English, it means “Hit Me” don’t ever try to hit the person who says the term. It turns out that the meaning of Hit Me in Baccarat means Asking for an extra card.


In Baccarat, the dealer is usually a RFBET99 player or a casino employee. They are the ones who have the job desk distribute the starting cards and additional cards to the Player or Banker, and who ensure the smooth running of the game. In some versions of Baccarat, the dealer can switch positions with the player. At some table games like Baccarat en Banque, you will find two dealers.
So those are the terms that are often used in the game of Baccarat, easy isn’t it. Have a nice play


HOW TO PLAY BACCARAT – Baccarat is a fun card game full of suspense and intrigue. But how to play it is very easy to learn. The end result consists of three possibilities: Player wins, Banker wins, or draw. It’s just that you need to know that in Baccarat, “Banker” is not a dealer. In this game, participants can choose the Player or Banker position.

Studying Betting Positions.

The part of learning the position is the most important way before determining the amount of your bet. In Baccarat you can have 2 choices of playing positions as Player or judi casino sbobet terpercaya playing as Banker.

Learn how to deal cards.

One participant / dealer is in charge of the deck and is in charge of distributing cards. Cards face up when dealing (open), the RFBET99 player who first gets a card and then the banker. Participants will get 2 cards when the first distribution occurs.

Notifying Card Value By Both Parties

The card points are 10 and the picture cards are K, J, Q = 0, As = 1, while cards that have numbers have values ​​according to their respective numbers. If you get a 2-digit value, only the last digit will be spoken. For example, for cards 7 and 6, the result is 13. That means the total points are 3. You must be able to daftar judi slot online for a value of 9 or the closest. If you want to win the game.

Understand the Meaning of “Pure” Victory.

Pure wins can happen, if the combined total points of the two cards at the time of the first distribution is 8 or 9, either in the Player or Banker box. If this “pure” moment occurs then, the game is over. All bets placed will be counted and distributed.

The Distribution of the Third Card is Determined By The Total Card Points.

Player gets first place in playing. RFBET99 Players with a total of 8 or 9 points will not get additional cards. Players with a total of 6-7 points may request additional cards if they intend to. If the player gets a total of 0–5 points, the player will get a third card, except for the Banker card total of 8 or 9 (the Banker immediately wins the current match).

Learn the Rules of Giving Third Cards For Banker Positions.

If the RFBET99 player has declared not to add a third card, then it is the Banker’s turn to play. If the Banker gets a card with a total of 0–5 Banker card points, then the Banker will get a third card. And if the Banker gets a total of 6-7 points, then the third card will not be available to the Banker. Other positions depend on the value of the player’s third card:
  • If the Player’s third card is a 9, 10, a draw card, or an Ace, the Banker is dealt an additional card when the card’s total points are 0–3. Total points 4–7 do not get additional cards.
  • If the Player’s third card is an 8, the Banker gets an additional card when the card’s total points are 0–2. Total points 3–7 do not get additional cards.
  • If the Player’s third card is a 6 or 7, the Banker gets an additional card when the total points are 0–6. A total of 7 points does not get an additional card.
  • If the Player’s third card is a 4 or 5, the Banker gets an additional card when the total points are 0–5. Total points 6–7 do not get additional cards.
  • If the Player’s third card is a 2 or 3, the Banker gets an additional card when the total points are 0–4. Total points 5–7 do not get additional cards.

Once all the cards have been dealt, count and determine the winner.

The winner is the one with the card with the most points from his cards closest to 9. In the event of a draw or draw, there is no winner. Sometimes participants who bet on the Banker still get a commission even though they lose.


This digital age has indeed made everything easier, but if you are not careful, it can actually harm us. Of course, for those of you who like to play gambling, they will still look for convenience in channeling your hobby, right? In order not to be wrong in choosing an online gambling site, I will give tips to all of you, look carefully.

Choosing an Online Gambling Site.

Being in a situation of choosing is indeed very difficult, especially related to finance, if you are wrong in the early stages it will be a big problem. Before you make sure to play agen judi nova88 on an online gambling site, first check through the community or group whether the site has problems or not.

Small Amount Deposit.

Deposits in small amounts are indeed unsatisfactory when winning will also get a small return. But this is better than you just playing Fastbet99 in slot deposit pulsa numbers and not getting anything when you win.

Look for Sites That Have Bonuses.

With the number of online gambling sites circulating, making them more competitive by providing attractive bonuses. You can enter the site to find information about the applicable bonuses, don’t be tempted by a high bonus percentage without reading the terms. There are times when a site offers a 100% upfront bonus but with a large minimum deposit and you have to reach the specified TO to be able to do the WD process.

TO Yang Minim.

You can read the terms that apply, to be able to get the bonus listed before choosing to play Fastbet99.for the TO understanding we have discussed before, click here. The amount of TO is always different, the larger the number of your depots, the greater the number of TOs you have to get and vice versa.

Join Groups.

Joining a group doesn’t always hurt you, there are times when you can get new information or relationships. Look for information in the group for the site you are going to, ask for recommendations from the group to choose a safe site. Because those who join the group must have had extensive experience.

Ease In Making Payments.

Choose a site that offers convenience in making Depo or WD payments. The many choices of banks and payment methods will save us from useless fees.

Choose a site that provides many types of games.

The function of online gambling sites is to make it easier for us to play Fastbet99 various types of games with only 1 User ID. So if you choose a site that only has a few games, then it doesn’t make it easy for you because it still requires a lot of ID to play.

Trusted Online Site

This is the most important thing, don’t choose a fake site, the deposit process is smooth, even when WD doesn’t work. Ask for references from people you know or the groups you join to find out which sites are truly trusted.


Blackjack is one of the very simple games, with a larger number of players than roulette or other gambling games. In playing Blackjack you must have a strategy so that you have a chance to win.
In playing Blackjack you have to know the value of the card because each card has its own value. The objective of the game of Blackjack is. The sbobet deposit pulsa players must beat the dealer, and must keep your card so that the card
you don’t burn.
In this game, there are 22 cards or more.
The numbers listed on the card are from numbers 2-10, and the value of the card follows the numbers on each card.
-Government Cards In Blackjack
This card has a picture of a king. Usually this card has the letters J, K, and Q, and this card has a value of 10.
-U.S. Card In Blackjack
This card has 3 value functions as follows. 1, and 11. depending on the wishes of each Fastbet99 player listed in the game. And if you get an ace card and a card that is worth 10, then you will get a Blackjack.
You should also study your card choices. Generally in this game, the dealer will benefit from the first player. If when you play, and you get agen bola terpercaya card with a value of more than 21. Then that means you have lost and the bet money will be taken directly by the dealer. In this game, the dealer has the right to open the last card. And if your card has not reached the value of 21, then you have the right to take another card until your card has accumulated to a value of 21 or close. If the value of your card exceeds 21 then you will automatically fall or lose.
The Blackjack game is very popular with almost everyone, because Blackjack is very easy to play Fastbet99 and has very simple rules for every player. So when you play this game, try to maintain your winnings.
An easy way to win in this game is, you just collect the number of cards until you reach a value of 21. If you get a value close to Blackjack like 17, 18, etc. don’t think about adding more cards, having a total value of 21 then you will get Blackjack. If the card you have has a value greater than the dealer, the dealer will still lose in this situation. The dealer has the advantage of this game because the Fastbet99 player must first issue his card, while the dealer will issue his card last. So try to keep the value on your card, don’t crave for perfect value. Remember the number that is on the cutting edge of the Blackjack game is the number that is close to the Blackjack value.


How to Win Online Gambling Roulette Betting – Roulette gambling is a gambling that uses rotating numbers and balls as a playing medium.
In gambling there are no definite words or to lose or win, however, we as players Depobos certainly want to win by anticipating defeats that come in a row to prevent losses.
Every gambling game found in the Casino, offline or online, has actually been arranged in such a way as to be able to win the players and including the dealer, but some say that every Casino guard will monitor which bet is the smallest, then the result that will come out is the bet if you believe With that opinion, you are wrong.

I will give tips for playing gambling roulette.

The first thing we have to bet on is 0, initially Roulette only has 36 numbers, only for now it is 37 numbers because they added the number 0. So the number in this game becomes 37. Most daftar sbobet99 players will not dare to bet on this number, because this number is additional numbers from the Casino and many think that this number will not appear 100%. Yes, you could say the opportunity to appear to this number is small but if you manage to get it then you will get a big bonus for your victory.
Next we have to make bets on numbers, for number bets we have only 2 choices of parts in 1 online table, on number bets only include numbers 1 to 18 and 19 to 36. For this type of bet you can get a bigger winning percentage than the winning percentage individual number selection, for example if you place a bet on boxes 1-18 and after the game starts it turns out that the ball casino online at number 13 you will still get paid, as well as bets on columns 19 – 36.
Next, we can place bets on the line, keep in mind that bets on this line have the same winning percentage as bets on the other numbers. and if when you lose 1x while playing Depobos on line bets then on the 2nd bet you can bet the same amount to return the number of losses on the first bet, but if you lose 2x in a row then you can change to another table or try other games, don’t be too greedy to be able to win in large numbers.
The last thing is that you can bet on the color betting system because color bets have a high winning percentage because the color choices are only available in black and red, the method is quite easy, you just choose one of the colors you think will happen and your bet will be paid. 1:1 and if you lose 1x you can try the same way as line bets.
Maybe that’s all my tips for playing Roulette gambling, remember, don’t be too provoked to want to win a lot because you can lose so much and thank you.


KNOWING THE TERMS LIVE CASINO – Who are the gambling players in this world who don’t have aspirations to play live gambling at the casino?
Surely all of you have had aspirations or have a desire to try playing at the casino directly, right? However, this is a little hindered because the costs that must be incurred when playing Depobos at the casino directly are very large. Most of these gambling players are looking for another alternative, namely by playing online live casino gambling which is now available.
With this alternative, gambling players who used to have aspirations or want to try to experience playing at the casino directly are greatly helped by the existence of this live casino. So they can feel like playing directly at the casino without having to spend a large travel capital just to feel the sensation of playing daftar sbobet188 at the casino and can be played anytime and anywhere. The types of bets available on live casino sites are also very diverse and very interesting to play. Because all the types of bets that are present on the live casino site are the mainstay types of bets and the most popular types of bets available at the casino.

Popular Types of Games in Online Live Casino Gambling

The following are the types of bets available on online live casino gambling sites that you can play directly after you register at a trusted casino gambling agent, including:

Judi Live Baccarat

The first type of bet that is most popular and can be Depobos played on a live casino site is the Live Baccarat Gambling bet. This type of bet was already very popular before the presence of live casinos. This game is indeed the choice of players because this type of bet is very easy to judi online indonesia and easy to play. Because the goal of this game is only to guess the winner between the player and the banker.

Judi Live Roulette

The next most popular bet available on live casino sites is Live Roulette Gambling online which of course is one of the most widely played bet types by online gambling players. Because this type of bet has a type of bet that has the same probability of winning.

Judi Live Sicbo.

One of the oldest types of gambling games in casinos can now be played through live casino sites, namely Live Sicbo Gambling bets. This type of bet that uses dice as a playing tool is very fun and it’s a shame to just pass it up.


Judi Live Dragon Tiger

Hearing the name Dragon Tiger Live Gambling may not be surprising for some veteran casino players. Because this type of bet is also very easy to play. The way to play Depobos is almost similar to Baccarat betting. Where in this bet you only need to guess the winner between the Dragon card and the Tiger card.

Judi Slot Online

The next type of bet on live casino sites is online slot gambling. This one bet is the type of game that is currently very busy being Depobos played. Because this game presents a very large and profitable jackpot if you can get it with a minimal bet value.

Judi Live Blackjack

This type of Live Blackjack Gambling is also very popular in the world because it is very simple and has a greater number of players than other types of games. The goal of this game is to beat the Dealer (Bandar) and also prevent your card from being burned by having a total of more than 21.

Transaction Methods Offered by Online Gambling Websites

Transaction Methods Offered by Online Gambling Websites – The needs of our lives will certainly continue to grow. But for some reason trade competition from time to time is also getting tighter which makes many entrepreneurs have to work harder in racking their brains in order to get more profits and one of the solutions that is the best way out for these entrepreneurs is to play gambling on online gambling websites. .
Maybe for some of you it’s a little offensive to hear the word online gambling, right? But there is no need to worry because at this time there are many successful bettors who started their careers from online gambling games that you can easily find in cyberspace. Not only that, there will be many conveniences that are also offered by online gambling agents.
One of the conveniences that the idn poker 1.1 12 apk website offers is the ease of transactions. The ease of making this transaction is also one of the vital parts that will greatly affect the comfort in playing Judi Online Sbobet online gambling. Here are some transaction methods that are already available by online gambling agents:

E-Wallet Transaction

E-Wallet is one type of transaction that is quite popular situs judi bola terpercaya millennials today. E-wallet transactions are one of the easiest ways for bettors to make transactions. That’s why e-wallet transactions such as DANA, OVO, LINK AJA, Go-Pay are very popular with bettors at this time.
The advantage of making e-wallet transactions themselves is that bettors will be protected from very minimal disturbances. Not only that, e-wallet transactions themselves are almost never offline. So this transaction is one of the most appropriate solutions for today’s bettors. But the drawback itself is in the very limited monthly transaction limit.

Credit Deposit Transactions

The credit deposit transaction itself is one type of transaction that has a lot of interest from almost all bettors. This type of credit transaction itself is one type of transaction that is quite widely used. Even though the way to do credit transfers or counter transactions is a little difficult, in fact there are still many people who like to make credit deposits.

How to Avoid Losses on Online Gambling Sites

How to Avoid Losses on Online Gambling Sites – Although many players have started to forget the basic rules of the game, players themselves must have the right strategy in online betting games. because playing without a strategy is like vegetables without salt in the sense that it will be unpleasant to play and can make it difficult to get a win. for that even though you are already a reliable player, strategy is still very important for all players to have if you really want to avoid losses.
Loss is not something that players Situs Casino Terbesar want, so players will avoid it as much as possible. We will explain about how to avoid losses on online gambling sites, which are as follows:

Get to know yourself

Even though it looks trivial, in reality, you know yourself before joining the gambling site yourself, so this also results in the emergence of your own assumptions. Even though no human being can read his own future. For this reason, every player who will join a gambling site must know himself or herself so that it is easier to run the game.

Avoid sites with scam status

If you want to get an advantage, of course you have to play Depobos daftar sbobet terpercaya a trusted and safe gambling site. If you don’t join the official site it will certainly be very profitable to your advantage. Then the compilation will choose a site that you must approve first, avoid sites that always have a scam status because they may not be suitable for you. There are also many reasons for fake internet sites that want to make players lose.

Must understand the features and promotions on the site

If you want to make a profit on a gambling site then you must also be aware of the features and promotions. Then you must be able to have your own way to use these features and promotions well. Although most Depobos players have not been able to use the features and promotions effectively. In this way you will avoid losses because usually Depobos players are always easily tempted by promotions so that they enter the wrong site.

Use sufficient capital

When you jump into online betting games, you must be able to use sufficient capital. Do not let you spend all the capital you have because this can have an impact on your finances. You will be very lucky if you get a win but it will be very loss if you get a defeat.

Understanding and Introduction to Online Gambling

Understanding and Introduction to Online Gambling – Online Gambling is a game where players will guess or choose a game among several choices where there is only one correct choice.
In the world of online gambling, there is a dealer (agent) who will help Depobos players to gamble. The agents will provide facilities such as various game options, promos and bonuses, as well as customer service that is ready to serve players for 24 hours. Not only providing the facilities needed, agents must also compete to compete with other agents by marketing their best products to online gambling fans.
Every agent certainly has a website to make it easier for Situs Resmi Casino players to bet, of course as a player there is nothing wrong with choosing trusted agents according to their choice. But sometimes there are a lot of online gambling agents who only make promises without evidence, for example: my personal experience, I play Depobos in an online gambling and I see a ‘100% welcome bonus’, which means the value of my bet will be doubled if I am the first time to play on the website.

How to calculate

For example, if I make a deposit of 50 thousand, then the credit value of my bet will be folded to 100 thousand. But all of that is just a theory, the agents only do the promo to attract as many customers as possible. But that doesn’t website judi bola all agents just make promises without evidence, there are also those who actually give bonuses according to what is written. Therefore, you should choose the best and most trusted agent website without any promises without evidence.
The appearance on the websites of Online Casino Agents also greatly influences the Depobos players’ intentions to place bets. Usually, players don’t want to bother with the many banners or menus that are not too important. Players will choose a soccer agent website that is simple and only has menus according to what you need. Not only the menus, but also the service from each agent which of course must be of high quality. Without having to make Depobos players wait too long to place bets.
There are various types of online gambling, which consist of: soccer gambling, casino, domino, qq, sbobet, roulette, maxbet, blackjack, poker, and others. Just choose the game you want, then ask the agent if there is a game that suits you? If there is, see the website first, then make a deposit.
For now, it may be enough to come to the understanding and introduction of online gambling. Next I will provide more information related to the world of gambling to all of you, thank you.

Definitely Advantages of Playing Online Gambling

Definite Advantages of Playing Online Gambling – Online gambling games are phenomenal gambling games which for now gambling games played online have become the prima donna of online games. Many people are getting to know this online gambling game and are starting to put rules in it. The rules in this online gambling game are exactly the same as the rules of gambling games in general at gambling houses. but the difference is that when you play Depobos online gambling, this risk is something that every bettor fears may be guaranteed. But if you play online gambling, of course your security is always guaranteed. So that’s why online gambling games are currently the most in-demand games.
It can be said that playing Dadu Online Uang Asli online betting does have a high level of profit. Every bettor will always get an advantage even if he doesn’t win the game. Because in this Trusted Online Casino Gambling game, if you join the best agent, of course apart from winning you can also benefit. as below which will mention all kinds of advantages that you can feel when playing online betting gambling.

Play Safe

Of course you will feel safe when playing Depobos online situs bola terpercaya, how is it not safe? Of course, risks like those in gambling houses will not allow you to feel like feelings of misgivings being caught by the authorities, of course in the online world that will not happen.

Easy to Win

Of course, you will also easily win because you can choose a game that suits your abilities. And also can choose a place that helps you have a precise concentration.

More fun

And the last advantage is of course online gambling games are much more exciting than offline gambling. So that the excitement can also be a remedy for fatigue like every bettor who feels that his activities are very dense.
And that’s all kinds of advantages that all bettors who play Depobos online gambling can definitely feel. Don’t be surprised if at this time the number of bettors who play online gambling is very high.

Strategy in Playing Roulette Beginners

Strategies for Playing Roulette Beginners – Learn the basics of Casino Roulette by reading tips for beginners and winning tactics. Read the article, and learn how to play Depobos roulette online. Visit any casino around the world and you’ll still find a space full of fun and activity; And that’s usually the space around the Roulette table.
Roulette itself is a great game that offers several opportunities and when you finish reading these beginner tips to play Roulette, you will be ready to get into the action and see what is most questionable in this game hehe.
Roulette itself offers Depobos players several bets that pay between 1 to 1 over the course of up to 35 to 1. Whether you are looking for a way to play Situs Bandar Sbobet Roulette or to have fun, it is worthwhile to recall some of the bets offered at the Roulette table.
There are two main types of roulette wheel games, French Roulette and American Roulette. At first glance they may not look so different. But if you look closely and get closer you will also find that one person will have a much higher chance of providing home support when compared to another.

Here are the facts:

In French Roulette, there are 36 numbers and one 0 (which if the ball comes in the house wins all bets), while on the American Roulette wheel there is also a “00” slot in addition to the standard single 0.
While this may seem relatively irrelevant, an additional 0 almost doubles the house’s lead. One of the many Roulette tactics available online will tell you if a single 0 gives the house a 2.7% advantage, but adding a double 0 to the American Roulette wheel increases this to 5.26%.

Steps to Play Roulette Easy to Win: Follow these simple steps

After you already have the betting chips you need link sbobet asia also have to understand the odds. You are ready to get caught up in some Roulette action. Each of these rounds itself can develop rapidly. But not so fast that you will feel so pressured for time to take action. Guide to Playing Depobos Roulette
After the dealer has cleared the losing bet. As well as paying the champions, they will pause for a moment to allow new bets to be placed on the next game. After a while, the dealer will immediately spin the wheel, will throw the ball on it and will say “No bets.” Roulette Gambling

How To Predict Betting Numbers In Sicbo Games

How to Predict Bet Numbers in Sicbo Games – Nowadays there are lots of players who think that gambling does not require a strategy. But only prioritize the luck factor. Players must know that online gambling games are completely a player who aims for war on a mission.
Therefore, a strategy is needed to complete the mission in order to gain victory. If the player plays without using a strategy, the risk of defeat that will be experienced by the player is even greater.
Therefore, it is necessary to underline that to win in online casino gambling. The main guideline is that players must have a playing Situs Agen Sbobet strategy. In every type of online gambling bet, real currency is used in the game.

Get to know the types of bets and how to play Sicbo Online Gambling – Monster In The Mind

Before making a bet, let’s understand first the points that Depobos players must know in playing sicbo online gambling.

Prediction of Dice Numbers That Come Out Previously

Players can observe what numbers have come out in the situs judi terpercaya bet. This will make it easier for players to predict, the numbers that have come out can be seen on the dice table.
It’s not a perfect benchmark but it can provide clues for Depobos players in determining the numbers that will come out. The point is that the player only guesses the number with the feeling that the player interprets.

Number Loop Prediction

What if the player has observed the numbers that came out before, then the next step is to learn the rhythm of repetition. Can make it easier for players to predict more precise numbers. Loops often happen again, therefore it is possible for players to guess again as an impossible target.

Player’s Fortune Prediction

Lucky players experience profits in a number of games. Don’t hesitate to add even bigger bets, never miss lucky golden opportunities. Because it will not come twice, in increasing the bet the Depobos player can achieve twice the profit.

In the Discipline of Time in Play

As a disciplined player, players must have rules for playing Depobos time and managing existing finances. So the player needs to record the benchmark of the winning target that the player will achieve. If the player has reached the target, immediately withdraw the funds, and end the game because if the player continues to play. Players can be provoked by emotions so that players will make mistakes because they play uncontrollably. Therefore the need for considerations that players need to provide before playing Sicbo online gambling.

Become a Member of a Trusted Online Gambling Agent

Becoming a Member of a Trusted Online Gambling Agent – ​​Becoming a member of a trusted online gambling agent is not difficult. Only with the internet, you can access a gambling game site using your smartphone or laptop. To find the best and the highest level of security is not difficult, because now there are many available on the internet. That way, your desire to become a member and play gambling games is not just a dream. Easy isn’t it? But remember! There are several things that you must prepare before you register to become a member.
It is commonplace, if before we do something it is better to prepare it very well. So, the results we get will be in line with our expectations. So, it is highly recommended for you, especially novice gambling Situs Sbobet Bola players, to find out in advance what terms and conditions you must prepare and fulfill before registering to become a member.
For you novice gambling Depobos players, consider the following points which are the terms and conditions for registering to become a member:

Give real identity

For a list of easy-to-win slots on a trusted and best gambling game site, of course you have to provide information that is true and complete, for example names. The name you must write down must be your actual name as it appears on the ID card. You don’t have to worry about the personal information you write down, because if what you visit is a trusted one, then all your personal information will be safe.

Have enough age

The second condition that must be met by all prospective members is to be of sufficient age to be able to play gambling games. In general, you must be 20 years old to register as a member. However, there are some countries that allow to register, even though they are not yet 20 years old. In judi slot deposit pulsa, to register you must follow the minimum age at the place where you register.

Find out the applicable payment methods

Before Depobos playing a gambling game, you must make a transaction first, both deposit and withdraw transactions. So it is very important for you to know what payment method is used at the place you choose. If the available method is to use a local bank account, then prepare your account number. This number will be filled in on the registration form. You don’t need to worry, because if you choose a trusted online gambling agent then it is guaranteed to be safe. So, for those of you who don’t have a bank account, make one immediately. Indeed, now some gambling game agents have provided facilities to make deposits using only credit.

Give real contact

In the registration form, there are several other important things that you must fill out, namely the telephone number. The phone number must be an active phone number. The goal is for your number to be registered on the site. So, if one day you need a transaction using a telephone number, it will not be difficult. Because, your phone number has been registered on the site.

Advantages of Playing Using Your Mobile Phone for Online Gambling

Advantages of Playing Using Your Mobile Phone for Online Gambling – To play online gambling, you can play in several ways. You can say that in the modern era, everything is worth it. In addition to questions about betting and what types of games you can experience online or offline. Therefore, it doesn’t need to be too complicated to play the type of bet you want now. Nowadays, you only need a device like a smartphone to play Depobos online gambling.
If you really understand and understand, everything will be easy. Of course, at this time, bet, what kind of cards are easy to play, so the problem of winning is easy to get. Because of that, there are too many people who use smartphones to play any game online.
Nowadays, most people can easily make any kind of bet with just a smartphone. We will provide you with all the information you need to bandar slot terbaru the correct steps for online gaming.

Simple Tips To Play On Your Phone

We will share a guide to play Situs Sbobet Terbaru the Latest IDN Poker Mobile Application correctly when using a smartphone or cellphone. Many of us who play online gambling do not know the steps to play Depobos the game correctly. Despite the fact that online games make it easier for you to play and make it easier for you to win. This opportunity will explain a little how to play online games properly.
You will be easy to find all kinds of gambling. Because it is more practical and easy to play Depobos and it will also be easy to win at the game. Keep focus on every match situation to win. If you have the will and keep trying, you can improve everything. The most important thing for playing online games is the internet connection which is most important. To play, the network is clearly important.
If you understand the steps of the online game correctly, then everything will be great to play Depobos. Also, during the game, you usually overcome the flop and, therefore, are more enthusiastic. Therefore, you have now correctly identified the beta in the game. Never play with the origins and losses found in online gambling.

The Best Way to Conquer Gambling Players Easily

The Best Way to Conquer Gambling Players Easily – As players from gambling bets circulating on the internet, we certainly want to be champions and be able to beat opposing gambling Situs Sbobet Indonesia players. If you succeed in finding a way to beat other gambling players, you will definitely get the bet balance. However, you will lose the balance you have if the enemy player succeeds in defeating you. In this article you will recognize some of the tricks. Therefore, please read the following information seriously.

1. Use the Official Site

The special thing that you need to do if you want to succeed in defeating the enemy of gambling games is to use a legitimate site. Do you know if the fake site doesn’t make you win? The online slot site will of course make the game even more difficult to beat. This is usually because the game mechanics have been arranged by fake sites to make it difficult for the winners to reach. Therefore they always lose the bet.
Many users of gambling games who do not know that a legitimate site will make it easier for them to score wins. Depobos Players who bet on legitimate sites, of course, beat their rivals more often because the site does not commit fraud. Therefore, we recommend that you use a legitimate site.

2. Deepen the Game Rules

Each gambling game, of course, has its own set of tutorials. This stipulation must be understood by every player. You should also have understood the provisions of the gambling games on the site. If you understand, judi slot bet murah you will find it easier to defeat the enemy of gambling games.

3. Prepare the Internet Network

Internet connection is one thing that cannot be separated from gambling games on the internet. To connect to gambling games, of course, we must connect internet access. An internet connection that is connected will make it easier for the Depobos player to bet. If the network is not connected then it will be difficult to open the game.

4. Fill in the Game Balance

The balance of the betting game that is in your betting game account, of course, must exist and can be useful for playing gambling. If your account balance does not exist, then you cannot play gambling. That way, you can’t beat your main enemy.