Get to know the various types of card games from the IDN Poker site

Get to know various types of card games from the IDN Poker site that Indonesian poker players can enjoy with easy access and the easiest poker account list.
Now it is no longer strange that playing online poker can generate profits directly, because now making money is no longer just from working.
Because the times that are happening make it easy for everyone in terms of generating income and one of them is playing Solaire99 on the idn poker site.

Various Types of Card Games From the IDN Poker Site

The many types of games offered from this site make many link alternatif solaire99 players loyal to this site. here are some games that are on the Best IDN site:

Poker Online

Poker is a card game that combines strategy and skill, this game uses playing cards of 52 cards. There are several terms in poker, namely:
  • Call: to follow in the game.
  • Raise: raise the bet
  • Fold: does not follow the game in the round.
  • All In: risk all the chips brought into the game.

Susun Box Online

This type of card game can be played from 2 to 4 people, each player gets 13 playing cards. This game also has rules in the situs judi bola resmi dan terpercaya of cards such as:
  • Bottom Row: Consists of 5 cards, with the highest card combination.
  • Middle Row: Consists of 5 cards, with a card combination not higher than the bottom combination.
  • Top Row: Consisting of 3 cards cannot be higher than the combination of cards in the middle row.

Ceme Keliling Online

The way to play the Ceme Mobile game is almost the same as the Domino QQ game, the difference is that if you play Domino QQ you use 4 dominoes while in the Ceme Circular game you only use 2 dominoes. You can also play as a player or banker.
Playing as a player or banker has its advantages and disadvantages – each. The advantage of playing as a banker is that if the player has the same number of numbers as the banker, it is considered a loss.
However, if a player gets a card value of 9 and the dealer’s card value loses, then the dealer must pay 2x the bet of the player who gets a card totaling 9.

Domino Online

The domino QQ game uses 4 types of dominoes for each player who plays. For its own value, it is calculated every two cards, for example:
3/6, 4/6 and 2/3, 2/2 = 19 and 9, in this game only the back number is used if it has 2 numbers, so 9 and 9.

Ceme Online

The ceme game only uses 2 domino type cards. Before the game starts, there must be a Solaire99 player sitting in the Banker’s seat, if you want to sit in the Banker’s seat, you must have a balance of 14X of the maximum bet on the table.

Super 10 Online

This type of card game is unique, where you have to get the number of cards 10, 20 or 30 to win the match. If you have K, Q and J cards, it will be called Three Picture.

Omaha Online


This type of card game is almost the same as poker, but the difference here is that each player is given 4 cards and only 2 are used with the highest value among the 4 cards they have.

IDNPLAY App With Many Card Games

Playing card games is now easier and more practical because you can play Solaire99 using only a smartphone. You can download the IDNPLAY Application through the official website or you can contact Live Chat to get the download link by clicking here.
With one application you can already play many online card games, making it easier for those of you who like many card games.

Big Jackpot From IDNPLAY Poker Site

To make the game more exciting and more fun, this site provides a big prize called the Progressive Jackpot which has a total prize of hundreds of millions of rupiah. To get this big jackpot is quite easy, because you only need to buy this jackpot from the smallest price of IDR 500 to IDR 2,000 before the cards are distributed or the game starts.


Register Poker On Trusted IDN Sites


You can directly login and play on the IDN Poker site, make sure you already have an ID to login. But if you don’t have an ID to play, you can contact Live Chat to make a quick Poker Account Register process.
The ID creation process only takes 2 minutes if the data you provide is correct and valid. After having an ID, you can make a deposit of 20 thousand so you can join other online poker Solaire99 players.

It’s easy to play AduQ Online for the most complete beginners

Playing aduq is now easy because it is done online which can be done by anyone with a smartphone connected to the internet.
One card game that is unique and so easy to play by many players is aduq. In fact, many players like the game, because the process of playing is fast and easy.
Maybe you used to play aduq by gathering, but now this method has been abandoned by many players because it is considered inefficient.
Because currently playing online aduq is much easier and more practical, because solaire99 players only need an application platform or by playing on sites that provide these games.
You can easily find a duq site online with the help of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Usually, aduq games are often found at agents who offer online poker games.

How to Play The Most Complete Online AduQ For Beginners

To be able to play aduq it takes a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 8 Solaire99 players in 1 room or game table.
Aduq is unique because it plays using cards with a type of daftar judi slot online. This game is almost similar to domino qq, but actually it is not.
Because domino qq plays using 4 cards, while playing online aduq only uses 2 cards.
When you are in the room, then you can choose a table from the smallest, small, medium, big, and VIP. Each table has a different minimum bet allowed, so players decide for themselves which room they want to play in.
The better the room you choose, the higher the minimum bet that must be issued by the player, therefore adjust the capital you have with the room you want to use to play.
When you are seated in the room, there will be a dealer who will automatically distribute cards to the players in the room.
After receiving the cards obtained, then you and other players are given time to peek at the value of the cards on each card obtained.
Not long after, the system will automatically calculate how much value each player gets, because the cards will be opened simultaneously.
All you need to remember in the online ceme game, when you have put a nominal, then suddenly you leave the room, then the funds that have been spent will not be returned.

How to Count the Number of AduQ Cards When Playing

How to count the number of cards in aduq is very easy, although later the system will automatically help you calculate the number of cards you get.
But it’s good you know how to calculate it. Inside the domino card there is a circle on each side, so it is the circle that must be counted.
The highest number in the game of aduq is 9 / Q, and the Solaire99 player who gets that number is usually the winner in the match.
For example, if your card is 13, then the number behind it will be 3. So your card is 3, because the first number is discarded.
Because aduq only accepts 2 cards, so you just need to add up the circles on the cards in your hand.
So what if there are 2 players who have the same value or amount?
  • Player 1: has 5-5 and 5-4 . cards
  • Player 2: has cards 6-3 and 0-0
In this case, both players get the same score. But in the online aduq game there is no draw or draw.
So to determine the winner based on the log/twin cards obtained by the player.
Because the first player has a 5-5 log, then that player Solaire99      wins in that round.
That’s some information that novice players can use to better understand how to play aduq online.
If you are interested in trying the game, you can directly contact Customer Service to register for AduQ.
Use the Live Chat service that is provided 24 hours a day, so whenever you experience problems in the game, you can directly contact Customer Service.


TERMS IN TEXAS HOLDEM POKER – Every game has its own terms, as well as the Texas Poker game. Of course, if you want to play, you must know the terms so that you can play well and understand the path of the game.
I will give you terms that are often spoken in Texas Poker games, here are the terms you will hear:

– Decks

Means the cards used in this Poker game. There are 52 cards in total. These cards are divided into 4 groups of suits and each group has 13 levels of value. The 4 groups (suits) are, CLUBBER (kriting), DIAMOND (Wajik/plot), HEART (heart/love), and SPADE (skop/waru Hitam).
Texas holdem poker does not distinguish the strength of the cards based on their suit. It is said, the four cards have the same value, which is 9.


That is the value of the cards in each suit. Starting judi slot bonus terbesar the smallest value to the largest. The smaller the card value, the weaker it will be. In order, the card values ​​are as follows: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A. The last four are worth 11, 12,13, and 14 respectively. Ace which is worth 14 has a privilege because under certain conditions it can be considered worth 1.


Namely bets or bets that are forced because the link alternatif solaire99 player is in a certain position, if he sits after the Dealer (D). Bet for this blind must be done when the cards have not been dealt. There are two kinds of blinds, namely the ‘small blind’ and the ‘big blind’. The size of the blind depends on the stakes of the table. For example, if you play Solaire99 at a table with stakes of $50/100, the small blind will be $50, and the big blind will be $100.


Is the name for the type of poker table based on the size of the small blind and big blind. A table with $1/$2 Stakes means that the small blind is $1 and the big blind is $2.


Is a game tool as a substitute for money. These chips are worth the money. In real poker, like in a casino, the chips do have a value equal to the intrinsic value they are given. And can be cashed back to the publisher if the Solaire99 player no longer needs to play.


It is the chips that the player brings to the table. Each table has a minimum and maximum chip rule that can be carried.


Is a collection of chips from bets of players starting in one hand. This pot is always placed in the middle of the table so that it does not mix with the stacks of the players.


Sometimes also called ‘Boards Cards’, which is 5 cards that are opened on the table. These five cards are the common property of all players. These five cards are not opened simultaneously, but in 3 stages. The first stage will be opened 3 cards. Called FLOP. The second stage will be opened a fourth card, called TURN, and finally will be opened a fifth card, called RIVER.


Namely 2 cards that are dealt to each Solaire99 player. These cards will be matched (combined) with 5 Community Cards, then the best 5 cards will be selected as your Hand. Called ‘hand’ perhaps because this means that the last 5 cards (the best combination result) are what become your ‘handle’ to compete with your opponent.


This is an action that can be done in the game of poker.
Call is your bet as big as the player’s bet to the right of your hand (your sitting position facing the table).
Raise is your bet for the call plus a certain amount. It can be 2x, 3x or several times the amount of your opponent’s bet.
Fold is if you turn off your cards and exit the game in a hand. Fold is usually done if there is a bet that is too big for your opponent and you feel your card is not strong enough to be pitted.
Check is if you don’t call also don’t fold. Check doesn’t get you out of the game. This can be done if there is no open-call from your opponent. All in is if you raise all your chips on the table. If your opponent’s chip is bigger than yours, then all of your chips will go into the pot, but if your chip is bigger then your all-in will only be as big as your opponent’s chip.
So, those are the basic terms in the Texas Holdem game that I can share, hopefully it will be useful.


TRICKS TO PLAY ONLINE POKER – Playing Poker is not just about fun, but there is something more important than that which is winning. Therefore, we will provide accurate tricks to play Poker Online.
Some experienced promises claim that they are more likely to win, about eighty percent. In this game, bluffing Fastbet99 players can’t do it. The player must be able to make a ninth card between the two available cards. If the combination is good, don’t be too enthusiastic about making big bets right away, because your merger will actually blend in. This case does not necessarily take the next opportunity. If you need to get a card out, let it go and hope that the next opportunity will be better. In the game, all players want to win, and you can also win gambling games to make the city bankrupt. Because of that, there are so many players who want to win gambling games in general but are very difficult to win.
Most likely you will find it. You don’t know how the online poker game daftar judi online towns play out. But this is a city that understands it’s how you press. For a limit in the game, it’s better to be easy to understand the online poker game than any other type of game. Betting takes place online, but you obviously don’t know the cards you have. But you must be vigilant to avoid bankruptcy. Pay special attention to your cards, especially the cards dealt to the judi pulsa online and pit stops. More players winning than the dealer means the dealer is still an amateur. Be aware of your city cards and trends, if you can bet.
Because if the gambling players get a very large and consecutive win, the dealer can experience bankruptcy. Because a very large member’s victory in an online gambling game. Fastbet99 Players release bets in online poker. Dealer poker is a large amount of money that is, in the form of a number of chips, so it usually depends on the betting table. Don’t worry, you can win by being a good player. If there are other players, you are agents. If you know how to beat online poker, don’t miss the chance to hit the dealer hard.


The game itself is not waiting for luck for you. When you run it, you should also try to apply the following technology. This is like getting a high drop or high value combination. Pledge can watch the match at the table selected by appointment. If you hit three times in a row, the engagement must sit a second time on the right side of the bank. Alcohol is a snack at play. In fact, floating drinks can be made from, but thoughts cannot be directed. The game itself doesn’t wait for your luck. For Fastbet99 players, they have to consider how to win the strategy. It looks like getting the highest number of drops or any combination of values. If you are intoxicated with alcohol, this may not be the way to decide the game when you are clearly betting.
When it comes to limit games, it is easier to play online poker than any other type of game. Like other types of games such as poker slot games, blackjack, and online roulette. However, as well as basic knowledge of gaming software, you must win all game games. Before you hit the dealer in the game. While running, try to apply the following technologies. Alcohol and gambling are like inseparable friends. In general, if you buy offline or online without drinking, something is missing. On the way, the bookies can win more games. Even hole cards are other players and hole cards to play Fastbet99, so you can place bets.
You guys will definitely lose money, especially if the city finds out that this weakness. Using your position for personal gain. You don’t know how online poker cities play, but this is a city that understands how you hit. The winner is a bank employee, not a tie or tie. However, if the player gets a bigger card, or if the bet is eight or less, the dealer will pay more than the bet. Usually, the total bet is a win. If you can’t fix the book someone can’t play for lack of money.


HOW TO PLAY TEXAS POKER – To be a great Texas Hold’em Poker player, you must be able to read/guess the enemy’s cards, whether your enemy is just intimidating (bluffing) or do they have strong cards. However, learning how to play texas poker basically in Texas Hold’em Poker games can also make you last longer in texas poker games.

Two Main Things to Remember

These two things are indeed very basic in Texas poker, and link alternatif starbet99 players should always remember this, but many players forget them because they get carried away in the game. So try to always remember these two things in poker games.
1. The pair of cards you hold is the only pair of cards that distinguishes you from other players, and these cards can provide an opportunity/chance to win
2. All cards exposed on the table (community cards) are cards that can be used for you and all other players. So, always be on the lookout for possible straights and flushes on other players.

First Pair of Cards (Starting Hands)

At the beginning of the game, usually the first decision to be made is when you get two cards in your hand. So how do you determine if your card is good?
In general, conservative/frugal type Starbet99 bandar casino online terpercaya will consider folding if the two cards in the hand both have a value below 10. For people who are even more conservative, they will even fold if one of the cards has a value below 10. However, for players of this type aggressive may still play with any card, for example: 8, 9 or cards that have the same suit (the card has the possibility of a straight or a flush)
if the big blind places the smallest bet or when no player raises, it might not hurt to join in placing a bet (call) when the hand is not good, so you can see the flop (the first three cards that are opened in the middle of the table). But don’t make too many calls when the card is not good, because it can cause addiction and continuity.
In the initial card strategy in Texas poker, you must be able to practice patience when getting cards that are not good, such as 5-8, 2-6, 4-9. Because, in the end you will definitely get a good card, and that’s when you can take advantage. This is much better than wasting chips just to bet on bad cards


A mistake that is often made by beginners is when they enter the flop (3 cards open on the table), often players don’t want to fold when they see 3 cards on the table and think that a better card will come out.
With 7 players at the table, at least you have to get two pairs or stronger cards to win. If you don’t have a strong pair of cards in hand after the flop, for example a flop card: K-9-5 (then the strongest pair is pair K), and if your card has no possibility for a straight or flush, you should fold.
However, you also have to remember that the fewer Starbet99 players who participate in betting, the chances of a strong card that will appear will also decrease. So when there are only two or three players left at the table, playing with an aggressive strategy can also help you win.
If you are the first player to bet after the flop comes out, don’t be afraid to check. This can be advantageous in two ways. First, if your card is not very strong, you may be able to see the next card without having to increase the bet amount. Second, if your card is strong, you can convince your opponent that it is as if your card is weaker than theirs.

Fourth Card and Fifth Card

In Texas Poker, the fourth and fifth cards that are opened in the middle of the table are commonly referred to as “The Turn” and “The River”. This fourth and fifth card can give you two opportunities, namely the opportunity to get out of the bet (fold) before you lose all your bet money, or the opportunity to increase the bet, so that the win can be bigger.
At this stage, usually two or three Starbet99 players will remain in the bet. In this case, you must be more vigilant. After the fourth card comes out, don’t take part in the bet if you still haven’t found a strong card (expecting a straight or flush on the fifth card) unless the player raises, you can check (don’t increase the bet).
Even though at some point you should get a straight or flush, the chances of getting a straight/flush are much smaller and very risky compared to folding/out of the bet.
So the point is to always be vigilant, don’t let yourself be dragged into big bets without a strong card.
However, at a certain time if you have placed a bet of 40% of the total chips you have, then an additional 5% of chips to participate in the bet may still be possible. But again to stay alert to the possibility you can lose.


HOW TO PLAY BANDAR SAMGONG – The Samgong game is a legendary Poker game in Indonesia. Samgong uses playing cards as a playing medium. You can also find Samgong on online websites today.
Samgong card game, previously a game that has existed for a long time and turned into a game that is so legendary. Where can you play the Samgong card game with a small amount of capital. The Samgong card game can turn into a gambling game that is useful for some online gambling novice players. How not? Samgong card game Hokijudi can be played so lightly by anyone.
For some samgong card novice players, there is no need to worry, we will provide a few tips and tricks for playing Hokijudi Samgong cards for beginners. In the Samgong card game, which is played with playing cards, each card has a different card value. Namely:
  • Cards 1 to 9 have the same value as the number on the card.
  • An ace is worth 1 and a 10 is worth 10.
  • Cards K, Q and J all cost 10 each.
  • The highest value in the samgong card game is 30.
In the initial game, all players will be given only 3 playing link alteratif hokijudi99 cards. then you just calculate the number of 3 samgong cards by adding up each card you have. If the number of your samgong cards is below the value of 25, then you can give your cards up to a value of 25. The number of additional cards in the samgong card game is only slot deposit pulsa tanpa potongan by giving 2 cards. Due to the rules of the samgong card game, players will only get a maximum of 5 cards.
In the samgong card game on online poker websites in Indonesia, there is a dealer. Which means the game favors the dealer 60% and 40% for the Hokijudi players. How not, you will win the Samgong card game if:
The value of the city is greater than the value of 30.
The value of your samgong card is greater than the slot deposit pulsa 10 ribu . If the value is the same as or below the value obtained by the Samgong dealer, then you will be declared defeated.
The Samgong card game is almost the same as the Blackjack card game. But in the Samgong and Blackjack card games, the highest cards are different. The Blackjack card game has a condition with the highest value of only 21. While the Samgong card game has a game rule with the highest value of 30.
The previous samgong card game was an entertaining game. but over time the samgong card game was used by some business people by making this game Hokijudi playable online.


HOW TO PLAY OMAHA POKER Omaha may be something very foreign to Indonesian players. Due to the lack of popularity of Omaha in Indonesia.
Actually, how to play Omaha is very easy like playing Ceme, or Capsa. Omaha games will get 4 cards at the beginning, while other poker games only get 2 cards in hand.
Just like other poker, Omaha also has its own terms in the game. Of course, the term is different from other games you’ve ever played. But if you’ve ever played Capsa it might take a little time for you to understand all these Omaha terms, because Omaha and Capsa have a similar concept of playing link alternatif nexiabet.
  • Ante: Cut Cards at the start of the game.
  • Blind : The initial bet before opening the cards.
  • Pre-Flop : Process bets before the flop opens.
  • Flop: The first 3 cards that are on the table.
  • Check: Follow the game by following existing bets (not working Raise).
  • Fold: Withdraw from the game, your cards and bets will be declared forfeited.
  • Raise: Increases the value of the Pot and the existing bet.
  • All-in: Put all your bets into the game and continue the game.
  • Flop: Open 3 cards that are on the table at the same time.
  • Turn: opens the 4th card on the table.
  • River: opens the 5th card on the table.
  • Showdown: All players must open the cards that are in their respective hands. daftar slot deposit pulsa

How to play Omaha Poker.

1. Ante and Blind Rounds (Small and Big Blind)

In this round, Nexiabet players are required to pay some nominal to participate in playing, the nominal depends on the table you are playing.

2. Pre-Flop

Players get 4 cards each from the dealer.

3. Check, Fold, Bet, Raise or All-in

The player who has a turn after the dealer is entitled to get first place in the game.
The game will continue if there are at least 2 players who do not work Fold (Open the card in the middle).
If there is only 1 player who does not fold, then the card in the middle does not need to be opened and that player will win the round.

4. Flop

The second half for players to make Check, Fold, Bet, Raise and All-in decisions.
The game will continue if there are at least 2 players who do not declare Fold by opening the 4th card in the middle of the table (Turn).
If there is only 1 player who does not fold, then the 4th card in the middle of the table (Turn) does not need to be opened and that player will win the round.

5. Turn

The third round for players to make Check, Fold, Bet, Raise and All-in decisions.
The game will continue if there are at least 2 Nexiabet players who do not fold by opening the 5th card in the middle of the table (River).
If there is only 1 player who does not fold, then the 5th card in the middle of the table (River) does not need to be opened and that player will win the round.

6. River

4th Round to do Check, Fold, Bet, Raise and All-in.
The game will continue if there are at least 2 players who do not fold by opening the cards that are in each player (Showdown).
If there is only 1 player who does not fold, then the Card in Hand (Showdown) does not need to be opened and that player will win the round.

7. Showdown

The player who has the card with the highest value from a combination of 5 cards will win the game.
The arrangement of 5 cards is: 2 cards in the hand and 3 cards on the table.
If the value is the same then a Draw can take place and the Pot will be divided by the Nexiabet player with the Draw value.


JACKPOT TYPE CEME DOMINO QQ – Domino is a game that uses small cards that have a circle as a playing RFBET99 medium.
Domino’s also has a jackpot, who would have thought a simple game like this has many terms. Even though in terms of dominoes, this is very simple and doesn’t even have numbers. Now we will tell you the terms that are in the domino game that are most often heard.
We will dissect the types of ceme domino qq jackpots in the game, here is the list that we have prepared.

Six Gods Card

The Six Gods card is one of the special cards in the domino qq gambling game. Usually this card is also the highest card value in domino qq. Card combinations like this occur when there are six circles on the 4 cards in the player’s hand, such as 4/2, 3/3, 1/5, and 6/0. The point is that each card from the daftar judi online player must have a value of 6 on each card.

Big Pure Card

The Big Pure Card is, one of the special cards like kumpulan situs judi bola terpercaya six god cards. However, the calculation method is different, of course. For large pure cards, the total value of the cards in your hand RFBET99 must be 39 points (minimum).

Small Pure Card

For a small Pure Card, it means that the card that is in your hand must be of a maximum value of 9, no more.

Balak / Twin Cards

Twin Cards are usually more familiarly called Twin Cards, which RFBET99 means that in the card you have there must be a twin value between the top and bottom sides. Example 1/1, 2/2 Etc.
Well, it’s not easy for this domino game, once you hold this special card, victory is absolutely in sight. But to get it is not easy unlike other poker or casino games because for dominoes there are only a few available in 1 game.


DOMINO GAME UNDERSTANDING – Surely you are familiar with the term Domino. This Domino game usually has a mention with DAM / Train. daftar sbobet bola
We will discuss about the meaning RFbet99 of the Domino game. This game is very simple by pairing numbers (number of card points) that match the previous one. 1 card has 2 different and the same value depending on the card, for the total value on the card is marked with a circle according to its link alternatif rfbet99 value.
This game has 28 cards. Each value must have 7 cards. Like;
Card With a Value of 0.
-0 with 0, 0 with 1, 0 with 2, 0 with 3, 0 with 4, 0 with 5, and 0 with 6.
Card With Value 1.
-1 with 0, 1 with 1, 1 with 2, 1 with 3, 1 with 4, 1 with 5 and 1 with 6.
Card With Value 2.
-2 with 0, 2 with 1, 2 with 2, 2 with 3, 2 with 4, 2 with 5 and 2 with 6.
Card With Value 3.
-3 with 0, 3 with 1, 3 with 2, 3 with 3, 3 with 4, 3 with 5 and 3 with 6.
Card With Value 4.
-4 with 0, 4 with 1, 4 with 2, 4 with 3, 4 with 4, 4 with 5 and 4 with 6.
Card With Value 5.
-5 with 0.5 with 1, 5 with 2, 5 with 3, 5 with 4, 5 with 5 and 5 with 6.
Card With Value 6.
-6 with 0, 6 with 1, 6 with 2, 6 with 3, 6 with 4, 6 with 5 and 6 with 6.
Each row has 7 cards. Surely you are confused if the total card count should be 49 (7 rows x 7 columns). And how come Domino’s only has 28 cards?

How to Count Cards

Now I will explain, yes, for cards that have the same number, the card will not appear again. Like this example:
  • -0 with 0, 0 with 1, 0 with 2, 0 with 3, 0 with 4, 0 with 5 and 0 with 6
  • -1 with 1, 1 with 2, 1 with 3, 1 with 4, 1 with 5 and 1 with 6
  • -2 with 2, 2 with 3, 2 with 4, 2 with 5 and 2 with 6
  • -3 with 3, 3 with 4, 3 with 5 and 3 with 6
  • -4 with 4, 4 with 5 and 4 with 6
  • -5 with 5 and 5 with 6
  • -6 by 6
It can be seen that the total data is 28 cards. so why is that? why did the others disappear? So this is why we throw away the others. Because the number RFbet99  is double or in other words there are 2 which are the same but the numbers are just reversed.
for example yes;
-0 with 1 & 1 with 0. Here we can see that there is no difference in numbers, only the numbers are reversed by me. I’ll give you one more example.
-4 with 5 & 5 with 4. Is there any difference? no right.
In essence, there are several numbers that are the same and it’s just that the numbers change positions. Therefore for the same number as it only has 1 card.

Number of Players

In playing this game we must have a strategy and must be careful. and as the game progresses. we can count and guess what card our enemy doesn’t have. And we can find out what cards are in our enemies, that way we can cover their way so they skip the game and in the end the enemy cards can’t come out and end up losing.
The minimum number of RFbet99 players in this Dominoes game is 2 people. and the maximum number of players is 4 people and no more. therefore each player will get 7 cards. While the card only has 28 cards. And if 28 cards for 7 then it can only allow 4 RFbet99 players.


HOW TO PLAY CAPSA SUSUN – Capsa Susun is very popular in the casino world, if you don’t understand the term you won’t understand. Therefore, now we will learn how and understand Capsa Susun.
Have you ever heard the words Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of A Kind etc. If you feel dizzy, it’s normal from now on you won’t be confused anymore. I will explain the terms one by one from now on at link alternatif fastbet99, I will provide a picture illustration of the following terms

the term capsa flat 

Royal Flush

Royal Flush is 5 cards starting from 10-JQK-US for those of you who get this highest card sequence, meaning you are the luckiest because you can get the highest card combination, and it is 100% sure you will win the game.

Straight Flush

Straight Flush is Fastbet99 5 cards in sequence and of the same suit. This combination is a combination of Straight and slot online terbaik. Do not expect to get this card, because this card is the highest card after the Royal Flush. If you want to get a card like this with minimal expectations, the winning percentage of this card is 99%

Four Of A Kind

Four Of A Kind where you have 4 types of cards that are the same as or similar to your 5 cards, the level of this card is the 3rd of the Royal Flush and Straight Flush and the probability that you can win the game is 80%.

‍Full House

Full House is a combination of 3 cards of the same value and 2 cards of the same value, and the win rate of this card is 70%


Flush is almost the same as Full House because this card has a combination of 5 cards of the same type. But the win rate for this card is 60%.

Three Of A Kind

Three Of A Kind is a combination of 3 of the same card and 2 different cards that will be difficult to get. However, for this card the chance of winning is only 35%.

‍Two Pairs

Two Pairs is the number of combinations of 2 the same card and 3 different cards. To get this type of card is very easy, but the win rate is 10%.

High Card

High Card is the lowest card in the level of the game, calculated from the highest number of AS and the lowest is number 2.
Now that you understand, you don’t need to be confused about the terms contained in Capsa Susun. If you already understand, don’t waste any more time, just try it to get the experience of playing Fastbet99 Capsa Susun.


HOW TO PLAY CEME ONLINE – Ceme belongs to the poker category. If you are an online gambling player, you must be familiar with the Ceme online game.
Why do so many people love gambling so much? even though gambling makes our money run out. Wait a minute, not all gambling makes our wealth burnt, it depends on each of us if we play it casually, being patient only eliminates boredom, boredom, etc.
So, gambling is just a place for us to waste time or get rid of boredom, but when we play a gambling game, you shouldn’t get carried away by emotions. So what? Yes, because when you are emotional, your mood is unstable. So that makes you feel frustrated and can make your money run out faster. By the time you are emotional and the game is going on, you are impatient and you can bet with very large money at once in order to get the previously lost amount.
Oh yes, in this online gambling game, lots of link alternatif fastbet99 players make a living through this game. Quite a lot of people play this online gambling game for the sake of getting money. And times are growing, technology is getting more sophisticated so that with a smartphone you can already play this online gambling. So wherever you are you can still play it.
Now I will explain how to play Ceme online. Ceme is a game that is very easy to play and has a very high chance of winning. In this Ceme game, we can choose to be a player or a dealer (dealer).

How To Determine The Winner In The Ceme Game.

If you play as a city, and the Fastbet99 player’s daftar sbobet is larger than the city then the city must pay the player the amount of the player’s bet.
If the number of city cards is greater than the player’s, then the city will get money for the bet placed by the player.
If the player gets a cue value card (9) and a dealer card under the cue (9). Then the dealer pays the player 2x the player’s bet amount. For example, if the player places a bet of IDR 100,000, the dealer must pay the player IDR 200,000
And if the dealer gets a kiu card (9). Then all Fastbet99 players automatically pay to the dealer, because the highest card is 9 and the player is in a losing status if he has a card that has the same value as the dealer.

Ways to Win Ceme Games Online


Always place bets in multiples of the largest profit.

Ceme gambling games still use the calculation of winning from multiples of profit, for those of you who want to win in large numbers you should look for bets that offer the highest nominal number of profit multiples. So that just one bet can produce a big profit, this will minimize losses due to defeat, therefore don’t be too rash in playing.

Enter in the most popular bets.

Another playing trick that is often used as a powerful weapon in Fastbet99 playing online ceme gambling, is placing bets that are becoming popular. Not all online gambling players have the same thoughts, so they often place different bets. For that, if you are confused, why not make the same bet on the popular value at that time, so you will not experience defeat due to a small mistake.

Make a large initial deposit.

You can’t possibly win big without big capital too, this is true, because if you want to get big profits without risk it will be impossible. If you are sure, why not immediately deposit a large amount in the early stages of starting to play online gambling. 

Indonesian Blackjack Casino Agent Site

Indonesian Blackjack Casino Agent Site – Blackjack is a game that can be played all over Pinke in gambling establishments called casinos. However, nowadays the game has also been carried out across Hokibet99 players in a simpler way. Where, players can do it online.

Blackjack Game

Even though the game is played in an online casino, the rules of play judi bola nova88 remain unchanged. In the game, there is no lead regulation change. Therefore, gamblers need to know the rules of gambling to be able to get a win easily.

Rules for playing blackjack

Before knowing all the rules contained in the game of blackjack, one thing that players definitely need to know is that winning in this gambling must judi pulsa online a card value with an accurate score of twenty-one or almost close. If the player gets a card value > twenty one, then to whom it will automatically lose.
Online gambling is one type of game that is very popular among the Indonesian population. With convenience and exception and can be felt by Hokibet99 players in gambling games. To make gambling today, it is certainly more effective than how to play as before. So, with the existence of online gambling that launches you more to play games.
Of course to play online gambling is currently only accessed using the Internet, of course you can bring and play anywhere and anytime. Without having to visit a gambling location to play and so on. By playing online gambling, you only need to provide a Hokibet99 playground, which is a smartphone, iOS, computer, and more. Of course by playing online, you can bring victory and very guaranteed security.
Blackjack games can be said to be one of the core of casino games, because almost every gambling place provides this one game. Can say the rules of the game are between easy to understand and hard to predict. Because here we are required to make a decision whether to stay or add cards to reach 21.

Popular Games Interested by Gamblers

Popular Games Interested by Gamblers – Online gambling games that can be played by gamblers more easily are using gadgets. Many people play link alternatif hokibet99 this bet in a way that is more exciting and also fun. But many guDgmen regret gambling at all costs. Avoid gambling losses if you try not to frustrate you and all. Online lottery gambling games are one of the games that exist for now. It still continues to be a more exciting and reliable game.
Gambling games with positive and negative sides must be faced. In terms of getting gambling, gambling has losses even if only once. There are also some perceived disadvantages, a gambler such as:
  • When he gets caught or the guise of his party is known for gambling he makes gambling feel it.
  • This can affect the mentality that makes him embarrassed. Can even be reluctant to mingle or socialize with other people and this makes him calm.
  • As for the gamblers who feel deep depression with constant stress because they suffer huge losses which can even make them very bankrupt because they run out of capital and all property because they are used to gambling while they are just inferior.
  • When losing a bet and also when the loss is too big also causes the gambler to feel a loss of enthusiasm and this can claim happiness one by one so this can harm me mentally.
  • Can be involved in legal cases that even cost him to go to jail and this is certainly detrimental to gambling by not being able to carry out his usual activities and losing his life because this gambling has legal prohibitions.
  • With the various losses that can be experienced by gambling, then you can play Hokibet99 this game without overdoing it. Make sure you choose the best site to give you easier winning support.

Pay attention to this so you don’t lose playing online

The online lottery gambling game is an exciting and fun game which is how to play using Android. Now you can experience more different games. By playing betting, online players can guess numbers easily to get a more situs slot deposit pulsa  win. To do this interesting gambling game, you can pay attention to how to play Hokibet99 more interesting. You need to pay attention to various things that can make you lose to gamble.
So that it doesn’t make you easy to lose when betting online lottery, there are several ways you can apply such as:
  • Try to bet with the right number predictions and also with high kayor. So considering this exact number you can win when if you are in doubt then you should not bet so you don’t lose yours.
  • You can install your bets on the lottery bet types that are easier for conditions. You can try to run this game easily so you can also get easy wins so you don’t lose often.
  • In placing bets, make sure you determine the right amount so that you don’t lose big losses.

The rise of Sakong Online Gambling Gambling in Indonesia

The rise of Sakong Online Gambling Gambling in the State of Indonesia – In the online gambling game, namely poker, there are 8 card games and in this article we also want to discuss one of the games that are popularly played every day by the public. One of the reasons why many people like to play online gambling is because they can play more easily.
Apart from playing the rules of the game, online games are also easy to understand. Like gambling or other betting, as usual, the advantages of online gambling are not to lose many of the bonuses and benefits of betting. And for the prizes below, it is very interesting for betting players who like to play online. How to play Hokibet99 online gambling for this easy win will make gamblers play sicbo online. The important thing is that winning bets can be profitable.

Advantages of Playing Sakong Gambling

Generally play online games that can be used with some winning tutorials, incl. Pay attention to your opponents including games operated by betting operators, which will be posted to see the city to evaluate the game and Here are the steps you need to understand when playing situs hokibet99 online games. For gamblers to be accurate and accurate.
You have to keep up with the betting developments and ongoing betting. Take this opportunity to use your instincts and emotions. Do not place too much or immediately place bets of up to hundreds of rupiah in a row. Try to stretch your bet, so that when you experience a bad card you don’t experience such a big loss. That way later you will make even more correct bets.

Judi Sakong Online

The mistake that is often made by 99 poker gambling players is to continue playing what if you have won even if only a little. Sakong gambling games are easy to play. The player who bets the Hokibet99 player will receive the full amount of money. In this game that may look difficult, but when it is played it can actually provide profits of up to millions of rupiah. Capital or a deposit of tens of rupiah alone can provide a profit of almost one million rupiah. Moreover, you can get the KKK jackpot card which is the most sought after or wanted by many members.
In playing you also need a playing strategy, so of course it will make it easier for you to play Hokibet99. Apart from focusing and monitoring competitors and bets, some gamblers have the right to place bets or bets. In this case, if you become a successor in less or less circles, you should not continue to increase your bet.

Ceme Keliling Play Guide

Guide to Playing Ceme Mobile – The Ceme or Domino Dealer game is a simple online card gambling game that you can play easily. In this game you are given 2 options, namely whether you want to play as a Solaire99 player (player) or as a dealer (dealer).
How to play solaire99 Ceme is almost similar to Domino Qiu Qiu. The difference is that Domino QQ Android uses 4 dominoes while the Ceme game only uses 2 Domino cards.
Types of Card Series in Ceme Online Games:
1 set of dominoes consists of 7 series of cards. Each card also has a different value. The following are the types of domino series:

1. Series 0 (Blank) Card

A total of 7 cards and each card has a blank on the top or bottom side.

2. Series 1 . Card

A total of 6 cards and each card has one big circle on the top or bottom side. website judi bola

3. Series 2 . Card

A total of 5 cards and each card has two circles on the top or bottom side.

4. Series 3 . Card

A total of 4 cards and each card has three circles on the top or bottom side.


5. Series 4 . Card

A total of 3 cards and each card has four circles on the top or bottom side.

6. Series 5 . Card

Total 2 cards and each card has five circles on the top or bottom side.

7. Series 6 . Card

Only 1 card has six circles on the top or bottom.

How to Count Ceme Card Online

To find out the count in the game Solaire99, just count the number of circles on each card on the left and add up to the total of the circles on the right.
Remember the highest value is 9. If the result is more than 10, 20, or 30, take the number that is the number from the last digit of the result. Here’s an example of how to count cards:

Number of Players In Ceme Online Game

Ceme games are played by 2 to 8 Solaire99 players. The players will be given a Black Seat and one player acting as the city will be given a Red Seat. If no one is acting as a city, then the game will not start until one of the players becomes a city.
Each player gets 2 cards which the dealer will distribute. But before the cards are spread, the dealer will give 7 seconds for all Solaire99 players to place bets. After the time is up, the dealer will also distribute cards to each player.

Guide How to Play Craps Gambling Game

Guide to How to Play Craps Gambling Games – In order to quench your thirst for the latest information about your gambling world, we will always present the latest and hottest discussions. For this article, we will try to raise a discussion about how to play Fontana99 craps gambling games. Craps is one of the dice type gambling games that is quite popular throughout the wider community. In the previous article we have written about the history of the origin of the craps gambling game. As we know, there are several versions of history that explain the origin of the craps gambling game.
However, maybe there are still many gamblers who feel confused about how to play Fontana99 this gambling game. This is because the types of bets listed on the game table have different terms and are quite confusing. So there are a lot of gamblers who have not been able to understand and master the game well. For that we try to write this article by discussing the term bet in the Poker 99 gambling game. Here are some guidelines on how to play judi bola nova88 craps gambling games with certain betting terms.

PassLine betting

For this one bet, you can say it is the simplest bet in the game system. Gamblers just need to place their bets on the PassLine before any new gamblers or shooters start targeting the reels. Usually, the shooter will start targeting the reels towards reels 2, 3 and 12 to be able to win the craps gambling game. Meanwhile, if the shooter directs the reels to reels 7 or 11 it will be considered a loser. In addition, the shooter can get a chance to roll again if the first roll leads to another number roll. In this type of bet, the payout is the same in a 1:1 ratio.

Bet Come

That is, bets on the next round if you put the numbers 7 and 11 you should get. 2, 3, or 12 are losing numbers. Almost exactly the same as the bet in the first round, namely the Pass Line, but the difference from here is that a pair of dice that have thrown open the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10 can be a point where it is more likely for Fontana99 players to repeat the throw until they reach 7 is not 11. And the winnings are paid 1:1. Gamblers succeed in winning if their dice roll is 2 or 3. However, gamblers will immediately lose if the pair of dice results in 7, 11 and 12.

To play, you can go to IDN Poker to receive a deposit via credit

To play, you can go to IDN Poker, accept deposits via credit – there are so many online poker gambling games that people around the world like. Especially in Indonesia, there are many who like this online poker gambling. Because it is very easy to play and also of course very profitable for the players.
Because there are more and more fans in Indonesia. However, there is a company engaged in online poker games, namely IDN Poker. Those who work with agents or sites to Indonesia that provide accounts for online situs judi terpercaya. By working with agents to Indonesia, it will make it easier for players who are in Indonesia to register or make transactions to be able to play IDN Poker.
IDN Poker provides various types of card games that use playing cards, such as: Texas Poker, Omaha, Super 10, Capsa Susun and many others. To play daftar judi online whatever you like so you don’t get bored in this online poker game.
Fontana99 is one of the official sites or agents that work with IDN Poker. Even though they provide account creation services and serve the players or their members. Within a full 24 hours to provide comfort and solutions to obstacles in the game or the like.  
Fontana99 also provides services to make it easier for players to make a number of transactions. Such as making deposits or withdrawals using local banks in Indonesia such as BCA, BNI, BRI, Mandiri, CIMB Niaga, Danamond. So that more people know if you can through Bank Indonesia.
Fontana99 also provides deposits using the e-money application and via credit. In order to make it easier for members and players who do not have a bank account. The e-money are, Ovo, Dana, and Go-pay. By cooperating with several cellular operators that are commonly used by the Indonesian people, such as Telkomsel and XL. In order to better understand that it is easier to pay through existing applications.

In Finding The Origin In The Game Of Poker Capsa Sort

In Finding Origins in the Capsa Susun Poker Game – this time we will discuss finding origins. From one of the games. What is on IDN Poker, which is very much interested by people who always play online card gamblers, is “Capsa Susun.”
Capsa Susun, of course, is no stranger at this time, many people know about this game. Although you can also find it anywhere and almost all online gambling sites. Capsa Susun is the most popular playing Youbetcash card game besides Poker88.
On this occasion we will provide information about how to judi slot deposit pulsa the origin of the Capsa Susun game. So for those who don’t understand it, we will tell you to read more below.
According to the history of the world card game, the game Capsa Susun is the result of the development of the game of shepherds in the West Asian region. At that time, the game was agen judi terpercaya played using the concept of a chess game made of pebbles as the game. The game is also known as Big Two Capsa which means thirteen (13).
While there are also opinions from other historians who say this game is the development of ceremonies to communicate with the gods. This way of communicating with the god is unique because it uses 4 sticks or arrows that will mark with certain symbols. Then the 4 sticks are tossed on the altar that is preparing.
Which stick fell first onto the altar? that is what will be interpreted as the divine decree of the adherents of this teaching. This happened because some of these historians agreed that in this Capsa Susun game. First discovered to mainland China around the 10th century AD.
This game has also been Youbetcash played during the ancient Chinese royal dynasty, Emperor Mu-Tsung. Capsa Susun was also played at the same time as the Pai Gow game at that time. In the 1800s, the game Capsa Susun was played by using cards made of wood and began mass production to the market.

Discussion About Playing Ceme Mobile IDN Youbetcash

Discussion About Playing Ceme Around IDN Youbetcash – For this time in the asian Youbetcash game. Will discuss about the games available into the Youbetcash IDN is Ceme Keliling. Maybe for some people Ceme Keliling sounds familiar. because a lot of people play the Ceme Keliling game. Almost all games are the same as playing online Ceme. In the game Ceme Keliling can play 2 to 8 people in one game table. This Ceme Keliling game is usually played using domino cards.
How to play Ceme Keliling on the same table as the game on Ceme. Where each dealer funds player distributes 2 cards, which makes a difference to Ceme Keliling. The dealer from Ceme Keliling always takes turns, but it depends on which player wins. While the regular ceme game only has 1 fixed dealer and agen slot online terpercaya  take turns.
The Ceme Keliling game is very easy to play. situs judi onli Players do not need special skills to play the Ceme Keliling game. Unlike other games to IDN Youbetcash such as, Texas poker, Capsa Susun etc.
Players only need to calculate the value of the circle that is placed on the domino card (Gapleh), to be able to win the Ceme Keliling game, the player must get the highest value, for example, the situs judi online player will get 2 cards that are worth 6 + 8 and the values ​​will be combined into 1 which is 14, from the sum of the two cards taken only the back number is 4.
If the player’s value is the same as the dealer’s value, the dealer will win, for example the dealer gets a value of 7+7 = 14 and the player 6+8 = 14 then the dealer will be the winner. For those of you who want to try your luck in this Ceme Keliling game, then we recommend having enough capital to play and compete with other players. 
This aims to make you get a lot of wins from other players. In this Ceme Roving Game, it is no stranger to the Indonesian people. There have been a lot of fans since ancient times before the existence of online gambling. Not only is it easy to play this Ceme Keliling game, it also relies on luck to get a good card.

Easy Tricks To Win In Round Poker

Easy Tricks to Win in Mobile Poker – This time we will give a few easy tips to win. In Mobile Poker game. Before we give these tips, do you already have an account to play Fontana99 this Mobile Ceme, if not, please register here TargetQQ. We are the official agent of IDN Poker and other games.
Before we give his tips, we first discuss the history of Poker Roaming. What is Travel Poker. For this game of Round Poker, It has a different system from the usual Ceme. In this Ceme Ride game the city or its dealer take turns. What is meant by rotation is that each completed 1/1 round of the game later that becomes the city (dealer) will move to the next Fontana99 player and that will continue to rotate until returning to the first city again.
However, the requirement to become a dealer must match the bandar slot terbaru balance (Chip) if the balance is not sufficient, it will automatically move to the next game that meets the minimum balance requirements to become a dealer.
If you already understand the explanation for the above. we will continue to the next discussion, namely tips for winning in the Mobile Poker game. In playing agen judi fontana99 Mobile Poker, of course, you have to understand what tricks and tips you should use in order to win this Mobile Poker game.

The first: Planning your winning target

These tips you should think about before starting the Mobile Poker game, you must determine your winning target that must be achieved. When the target you have planned has been met, it would be nice to stop immediately for a short break.

The second: Bringing a lot of Capital

These tips are very important because the more you have a lot of capital the bigger. Your chance to win this Round Poker game. The reason for this game of Round Fontana99  is its Victory relates to who has the most capital most likely for who will win.

Third: Choose the right seat (chair)

After you already have quite a lot of capital. Next you have to be smart to see which side position often gets a good card. Or you have your own special position that makes your own fortune.