Playing online ceme gambling will certainly be able to make us get a lot of benefits, because on online gambling sites you don’t just play but you can get side money.
For now, there are lots of people who want to join online ceme gambling, where the game is very easy to play and the win rate is also very high. So it is certain that people who play online gambling are not random people but people who are.
Now you can play online ceme gambling very easily, that is, you can play live chat qq poker using the application and your own laptop. Well of course at this time I will discuss about the online ceme bonus and the jackpot because many may not understand that there are prizes.


In this online ceme game, of course, you can not only play  but you are also looking for side money. And for the bonuses that exist on this online ceme site, there are 2, namely rolling bonuses and referral bonuses.
To get a bonus on this online ceme site, of course, you have to register to become a member first, then you can enjoy the bonus.
Of course, you can get this rolling bonus very easily, that is, if you play Poker139 and a maximum of a week you play and check your total to 1 million, then of course you will get the rolling bonus.
On this online ceme site, the idnplay server for the roll bonus is given 0.5%, and of course what is meant by “to” is the total loss and victory if the total loss and victory reaches 1 million then you will get it./
How to calculate it like this if you want to play then all you have to do is make a deposit, after you have made a new deposit you enter the game table. Now when you make that bet, it’s already calculated, for example you bet 100, you win 700 and then you lose another 500 and you win again 800 then you add up all of the total and the total is 2100 which is equal to 2 million one hundred Daftar Situs Bola Terpercaya.
So the multiplication is like this Rp.2.100.000,- x 0.5% = Rp.10.500.0 this is the result you will get, if you play every day then the bonus results you get will be big.
For the referral bonus as well but a little different, namely to get this referral bonus, all you have to do is invite your friends to join the site you joined with.
So the way to get a bonus from a friend is like this, when you promote this site to your friends and your friends are interested then you just go to the list menu and see in the column below there will be a column that says referral, an example I will give below as follows :
And you can see above, there is an image where the image really helps you to give an example, and the arrow section is the referral column where when you register your friend you have to enter your user id in that column so that later when your friend plays then you will get the bonus.
The way to calculate the referral bonus is very easy, like this, if the friends we invite have played and the total to which they have is up to 1 million then of course you will get a bonus, the multiplication is like this Rp. 1.000.000, – minus 3% of the table discount then it becomes Rp.970,000, – so the cut is 30 thousand. Then the 30 thousand is calculated like this Rp. 30,000, – x 10% = Rp. 3,000, – this is the bonus you will get.
So of course if you invite more and more friends to join then the referral bonus you get will be more and more. You can get both of these bonuses on Thursdays, from 1 pm to 3 pm.
Moreover, for this referral bonus you don’t need to play Poker139 but you just have to look for friends every day, after that you can make withdrawals too. If this discussion is very helpful for you, then you can also share the discussion with people who really like playing online card games, it will also help you so they can find friends to play on the site you joined with.
It’s easy with this discussion you can get the benefits, okay, let’s just get here first for a discussion about the bonuses on the online ceme site and if there are words that are not clear then you can contact the site, most importantly if you want to get an abundant bonus and the results are many, then you never play the bonus, but you just let it go and you can withdraw it once a month, thank you.
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