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Did you know how much protein in chicken breast

Chicken is the most expended non-vegan protein source all around the globe. It is wealthy in the large-scale supplement, in the event that you are in bodybuilding, star competitor, weightlifter, wellness demonstrator or a straightforward being and wellbeing cognizant at that point, for beyond any doubt chicken is your most loved source of the protein. The query is how much protein in chicken breast? Before that let us see how much parts a chicken body has?

There are different cuts in a chicken-:


  • Chicken Breast
  • Chicken Thigh
  • Chicken Drumstick
  • Chicken wings


How much protein in chicken breast?

Chicken breast is the least fatty cut for protein and it has most outstanding measure of the protein when contrasted with other cuts. It is likewise most prevalent cut of the chicken. Around 180g of chicken breast contains right around 54g of lean protein roughly, and 31g of protein in each 100g of chicken breast.

When compared with different cuts of the chicken the chicken breast has the most extreme measure of protein to fats proportion. It has around 80% of protein and 20% of fats.

Chicken breast is broadly utilized by the bodybuilders, star competitor, weightlifters as it helps in their goal of losing weight or gaining muscles. As athlete’s can eat the chicken as much as their body requests without worrying of the calories as chicken breast has low calories.

How much protein in Chicken thigh?

It is additionally most prevalent cut and wealthy in protein however has relatively high in level with measure of a fat and is higher in calories when compared with the chicken breast. It is likewise less expensive than the chicken breast.

The chicken thigh contains around 13g of protein in 54 gram of leg piece substance (boneless). That is around it has 26g of protein in per 100g of boneless leg-piece substance. It is bit high in calorie when contrasted with the chicken breast, it has around 210 Calories for each 100g. 53% of the calories originates from the protein and rest 47% of calories originate from the fats.

How much in chicken breast V/S all the cuts?

The Chicken breast has the greatest measure of protein and it is the rich source of the protein when compared with the various cuts. The chicken breast has less measure of calorie per 100g of the meat. Subsequently it is low in calorie and rich in the protein content around 80% of the calorie is from the protein and just 20% is from the fats. It helps in the wellness objectives what we have i.e. the weight loss or muscle gain goals. Things being what they are, you found your solution toward the end how much protein in chicken breast? What’s more, which of the cut is best for your body, you have known this query that chicken breast has the most amount of the protein and the answer too how much protein in chicken breast?

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