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Highly trusted twitter analytics tool for Digital Marketer

Highly trusted twitter analytics tool for Digital Marketer

Like a dream of every social media marketer to become famous in twitter hot trends and this dream will become true through twitter analytics tool. Let me tell you that what you can do it with twitter analytics tool. You can find famous twitter hashtags through analytics tool. So here it is question comes in mind what is hashtags and which analytics tool is best to become a top trend on twitter through hashtags.

What is hashtags why it is so important?

It’s just simple like 123 no rocket science is involve in making a hashtag just put a # sign in front of the word or phrase you want to include in hashtag and make sure there is no space in words and special character in between the words. For example #TweetBinder.

Hashtags allows people to find conversations which are currently in trends and helps you to follow the conversation. Hashtags are also used to draw attentions and promote specific topic.

Best twitter analytical tool for finding hashtags?

Finding a best analytics tool is always a difficult job because social media market is full of variety of tools every tool has own uniqueness and matrices most of the tools are old in age and have no accurate results because twitter is changing their algorithm to maintain their standards.

I personally used a tool which gives me the best results in finding hashtags and this tool provides highly accurate twitter analytics reports of hashtags.

Tweet Binder is a trusted social media marketing tool which is all time favorite of social media marketers. Thousands of social media marketers are regular user of tweet binder. Why it becomes so famous I will tell you the reasons.

Features of Tweet Binder:

Tweet Binder is a free platform provides you up to 2000 tweet reports free the highest in the market. But to unlock the full power of this tool get subscription plan. Tweet Binder provides different Subscription plan available on monthly basis and yearly basis.

Tweet Binder used some unique metrics that will provides accurate report include the economic value of the hashtags and history of hashtags.

On Tweet Binder you can make two types of reports real time reports and historical reports with no limitation on the dates.

How to use Tweet Binder tool:

The very first thing you need is a twitter account if you don’t have make it. Just type twitter sign up in search bar. Hit the very first link then on next page create your profile by providing your details.

After successful login on twitter go on and put the query you want to search on it and hit enter.

After verifying your twitter profile it will create analytics report based on your query.

The final report look like this


After that you can check either live streaming or you can download the excel report of your search query.

Millions of results fetched by twitter analytics tool that you can use to start your campaigns and you become a twitter hot trend. Tweet Binder helps digital marketers to make their dreams follow up and true. Tweet Binder is highly trusted not only individuals also the big giant company trust the Tweet Binder and some of them are


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