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Apple iPhone 6, 16 GB Buying and Selling.

They are still making them – Apple iPhone 6, 16 GB buying & selling price

There was a time, many years back, when making business was a hard nut to crack and maintaining that business, controlling them and turning the business, according to the time, need, and want was again a harder job to do. Betrayals, defeats, infidelities and downfalls, these all phases were the part of business. Even now, one can face these phases, if he is not a sharp and clever person. However, back then, because of less people having business mind and more people were unaware of business tactics and techniques made them to think more about betrayal and they taught themselves, how to cheat a businessperson. Which in the end results in defeat. This is chain, this is how it all started, and this is how more businessperson rules the world. Once, they have gone through betrayal and defeats made their personality cleverest. Now, in 2018, business is a very common thing, anyone can do business, anyone can maintain a business, if he has a smart, clever and a sharp mind. Anyone can make money through business. People instead of jobs, they prefer a business, because of the long-term profit.  

From mobile phone to laptops, from selling and buying products, from making things to baking things, from repairment of any device or electronics to recycling of the products. Each department, each section asks for a business mind. Buying and selling is that kind of business that each and person, whether a girl or a boy, whether a child or an adult, each one of us has gone through this buying and selling business, specially buying and selling of mobile phones.

Whenever it comes to buying a new gadget, let us say a new mobile phone, the very first and foremost thing that came into one’s mind is, whether to buy an iPhone or whether to go for an Android. The clash and conflict of both these platforms have become so giant and vast, that even common people who are in favor of an Android and those who are in favor of an iPhone. They all have conflicts and they all are having clashes.

Apple has a strong and firm status of itself and because of its well-founded and stable status, Apple is at number one position, Apple has many users that only choose Apple products for themselves. They cannot even think of buying any brand other than Apple. People are literally going crazy for Apple, for IPhone that they desperately wait for the new production by Apple. They are indulged in buying new products of Apple that they pre-booked the new production even before its launch.

iPhone 6 Features.

IPhone 6 was released in the year of 2014 and people were quite excited and thrilled for this production in 2014. Brands that are using Android platforms usually prefer big and giant mobile phone in size. Even in 2014, the sizes of Android mobile phones were quite big. Like, we have Sony Xperia z3, Samsung Galaxy note 4, Google nexus, HTC one M8 and many more like this, these all mobile phones were big in size. Then we have IPhone, the normal size mobile phone that becomes a mode of attraction for many people. The dimension of iPhone 6 is 5.44 x 2.64 x 0.27 in, the weight of this mobile phone is 129 g. Aluminum body, front glass with LED backlit, and the resolution of IPhone 6 is 750 x 1334 which, quite a good amount of resolution in 2014. The protection, it includes is Ion-strengthened glass, oleo phobic coating. The Operating system was iOS 8, which was upgradable to iOS 11.4.1. The CPU of this gadget is Dual-core 1.4 GHz Typhoon, which is an ARM v8-based. Different options for internal memory like 16, 32, 64 and128 GB along with one GB RAM. Price of iPhone 6 depends on the amount of internal memory. The back camera has 8 MP capacity and 1.2 MP front camera. There are supplementary features of the front camera like, face detection, HDR, Face Time over Wi-Fi or Cellular. The additional features of iPhone 6 include Imessages, finger print (front-mounted), SIRI language, ICloud and many more. One more element that gives a rise and a fall to pricing of phone 6 is the demand of color. The color scheme, it carries is Space grey, Gold and silver. Space grey and Gold were the expensive range of iPhone 6.

Now that in 2018, we have iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. So the production of iPhone 6 has been discontinued because of its less demand. However, there are still people who buy and sell their iPhone 6. If I want to sell my iPod, sell my phone for the best price, sell my phone online, sell my iPad 2 16gb Wi-Fi or sell my apple iphone,  I have websites like, or that can help with buying and selling my mobile phone easily.

If you have an Apple product, then Apple facilitates you is a way that they sell refurbished iPhones and they even trade your old mobile phone with a new one. If we see the price of iPhone 6, 16 GB, then we have so many different results from different websites. In, then a good conditioned mobile phone would cost me around £135.99.At Sell Any Mobile, they even provide comparison, if you want to buy a new mobile phone. IPhone 6, 16 GB would cost me approximately £121.00. If I want to sell my iPhone 6, 16 GB, then the range, I would get depends on the condition of my mobile phone. It depends, if it is a second hand or third hand mobile phone. However, if the condition were better than the range would be around £120.00 to £135.00. Buyer is the king and seller is a constrain in this business. The buyer always sets the price according to his wants and needs. This is how the business of selling and buying runs smoothly.

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